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Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is a serious health issue in males. From its name, we get a clue that it is something that is difficult or inability to maintain or obtain an erection. No doubt lifestyle does have a great impact on this erection. There are many drugs for erectile dysfunction available in the market such as Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil), Standard (avanafil) Enforce, Vidalia Cialis (tadalafil), Vallarta(vardenafil) Kamara Vidalia, Super p force and so on. However, when it comes to choosing the best drug for erectile dysfunction, there are several factors that are important and should be considered before you make a choice.  

Take a look at these important factors:

-Cialis is very popular. It is often prescribed by doctors because it works so well. It has been approximately selling for over ten years now and is used in countries around the whole world.

-This drug is usually taken as a pill. You can take it without any special preparation. It is not like the oral contraceptives or the pills used for women.

-The side effects of Cialis pills are generally mild. However, the side effects can vary according to your body chemistry.

-There is some little concern you have to worry about using this drug in a long term process. Many men have reported an increase in the issue of diabetes problems and heart problems too.

-The cost is sometimes more expensive than other drugs used for erectile dysfunction. So you have to think carefully about whether you really need it or if you are just looking for a quick fix.

So which drug for erectile dysfunction is better: Viagra or Cialis…? It depends upon your circumstances.

-If you don’t suffer from ED and are not sexually active, then you probably don’t need to use Viagra or Cialis. If you are active in a relationship, you can make choice of using one of them.

-If you are an older man or even if you are just starting to see the signs of aging, then you probably should use Viagra or Cialis. It is usually safer. If you don’t want to wait until you start seeing the side effects, or worse yet, start suffering from ED, you can just use these two medications and not have any lasting problems.

-If you want something that will give you fewer side effects and also have some long-term benefits, then try Kamagra. It has some good natural ingredients that work well together.

Can use alternatives:

For people who do not want to use this drug for erectile dysfunction because they are already in a relationship, it may be best to go with something like Super Kamagra or Super p force. However, Kamagra Chewable Online also a good option. They also have many of the same results as Generic Viagra or Cialis.

As for those who are in a long term relationship and already experiencing ED, you might want to try one of these drugs. However, you should not use them unless you are a medical doctor and your doctor has recommended it to you.

Consult with your Doctor:

If your doctor has recommended these, it’s best to discuss them with your partner before using them. Also check with your doctor about any possible side effects or interactions.

Even when you are ready to use Viagra or Cialis, you may want to talk to your doctor about some other methods that might be better. For example, you might want to try a penile enhancement pill like Kamagra.

Mild and similar side effects:

Although the side effects are often similar, the pills might actually be easier to take and not cause much pain. If this doesn’t work, then you might want to consider surgery or even more surgery. Whatever you do, don’t use these medicines if you are a smoker.

However, these drugs also have some mild side effects. So, be sure that you follow your doctor’s orders and talk with your doctor about how many tablets you need.


You should also be aware that some drugs will actually cause more of your side effects than others. Talk to your doctor about whether you should go with a drug or not and if it is right for you!

If you are ready to try an ED drug such as Viagra or Cialis, talk with your doctor and tell them about the situation. And make sure that you understand the risks and benefits.

Final Words:

Lastly, one thing you need to consider which drug is better it completely depends on your personal situation. For a speedy recovery, Viagra may be best. And for the long term duration of recovery Cialis perhaps best of all. As always, you need to keep faith in your doctor who can assess you and helps you to determine which is right for you according to your health condition.



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