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What is the privacy policy?

We hear privacy policy everywhere, but do we know what it is. A privacy policy is a legal document or a statement that discloses some or all the ways a party gathers information. That information can be personal. However, a privacy policy manages a customer’s or client’s data. Personal information does not include your address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, ID’s issue, and expiry date. Moreover, it also does not include financial records, credit information, medical history, and where you want to travel. Hence, a privacy policy that requires your basic information like email ID and a password to which you can link back anytime.

Moreover, talking about privacy policy. The privacy policy is not too much to worry about. It is a statement that declares a party’s policy. Party could be a website, on how it collects, stores, and releases personal information it collects. It always informs the client before collecting his personal information and never releases it. The privacy policy also asks the client if the information collected by it should be kept secret, can be shared with a partner, or can be sold to other firms or enterprises. Hence, you should know that your data is in good hands.

Most countries have their laws related to the privacy policy, hence which indicates what information should be collected and what it can be used for. Therefore, you should not be scared about the privacy policy, as it is under the government’s hands.


How privacy policy collects our data?

Privacy policy collects anonymous data from every visitor of the website. This helps them to monitor web traffic and fix bugs. This is done as they collect a database that has information about which page of the website is most visited. Hence, then they operate the traffic accordingly. For example, a privacy policy collects information like web requests, the data we sent in response to such requests. Then the internet protocol address, the browser type, the browser language, and the time stay for the request.

 Then they ask us to login and provide certain personal information i.e. email address and name. whilst, this helps to save our profile and the server gets to know for which service or product we visited this website. Cookies enable us to store information for our convenience.

However, if we don’t want cookies to access our information, then there’s always an option to dismiss cookies. Or we can also block or delete the cookies and we will still be able to use the website. However, if you do so, the website will ask for your email ID whenever you visit the website. It is always our decision to utilize these features and provide our data. It is always voluntary.


How privacy policy uses our data?

Privacy policy uses our data to provide us with untroubled services. It also helps them to communicate with us about their service and website through email. They take the privacy and confidentiality of our documents seriously. They encrypt all our documents and delete all the redacted data. Moreover, if we choose to make our information public. It is advised to us to delete any reference of people or address which we might have added. As public data can’t be protected, therefore privacy policy is not responsible for any violation of privacy which we may be liable for.


How privacy policy shares our data?

The privacy policy only asks and uses our personal information to provide us with untroubled services. Hence, to communicate with us about their web services. Also, it allows us to communicate to their website. Concerning any document which we may choose to upload. Privacy policy shares this data by fully encrypting it. They also permanently delete any redacted edits which we might have made to the document. If we choose to make a document public, we are always asked to delete all the references of people and any address as public data cannot be protected. Hence, the privacy policy is not responsible for any violation of privacy law we may be liable for.



Cookies provide us with features or services that we have requested. Ascertain cookies help us to login into secure areas of their site. Hence, disabling cookies will make certain features and services unavailable.

Moreover, most browsers automatically accept cookies. However, they have an option for blocking or deleting cookies. This will prevent the browser from accepting new cookies as well. Whilst, this depends on the complexness of the browser. We can decide on acceptance of each new cookie in a variety of ways. We can usually access these options from the “setting” option.