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Digital devices connected to cyberspace have become vulnerable to online attacks. Therefore, business professionals want to make sure the safety of the data on business –owned laptop and desktop devices. Employers are also facing dozens of issues related to productivity during the working hours due to the lazy and disgruntled workforce. So, they have no other option but to use windows monitoring software on laptop and desktop PCs to monitor and track employee’s activity. Today we are going to review the top features that have the power to track windows devices to the fullest and keeps you update about every activity on PC.

Windows Monitoring app Features review

Windows monitoring software is one of the best tech-tool that makes you enable to monitor employee’s activities on business-owned devices. You can use it to measure the productivity of employees and to keep a check on workforce suspicious and data breaching activities. However, you can wipe out the data of the target windows PCs remotely by using the online dashboard. There are the following features of the windows surveillance app you need to know.

Block websites

The time-wasting activities, social media sites, and online shopping are frequent on business PCs. Therefore, employers could face the low productivity of the employees during the working hours. So, you can block all those websites that are worthless and enabling the workforce to spend hours and hours on entertainment and becoming the factor of workplace distractions. You can use the website’s block tool of the windows monitoring app. It enables business owners to copy the URLs of the websites and paste them into the filters.

View installed applications

Now you can see the list of the applications active or installed on the business owned windows computer devices. You can use the online dashboard of the computer monitoring app for windows and activate the application feature on the target pc and get the list of installed applications. You can come to know all the inappropriate, time-wasting, and malicious apps installed on the PCs.

Windows tracking location

The laptop devices are precious ones, but most of the time people got lost laptop PCs or the device gets stolen, and they lose confidential data on the device. Now you can make sure the PC’s safety no time ever before. You can install a windows tracking tool on the device and get rid of all worries. When your devices get lost or theft, you can remotely retrieve all the data back into the dashboard, and you can wipe out the data remotely. Further, you can track the pinpoint location of a lost windows device to find it out again.

Windows Browsing history

Do you want to know what your employees used to of doing on the business owned PC’s browser? You can use the windows surveillance app tool browsing history. It keeps you updated about the visited websites and about all the web pages bookmarked on the bar with time stamp.

On-demand Screen shots

You can remotely ingress to the company’s PCs and capture screen shots at your will at the time and place of choosing and then send the captured screen shots on the web control panel. You can see the screen shots and analyze what employees were doing on the PC screen.

Windows key logger

Do you want to know about the password used on the messengers installed on PCs? You want to look into the emails sent/received and conversations? You can do it within a few seconds by using the windows key logger feature. It can record keystrokes used on the target window device and upload it to the web control panel.

Read Emails

You can monitor and track emails sent/received using an email monitoring app. Employers can see what attachments employees have attached and the content of the email to the fullest.

Computer Usage Reports

You can monitor and track the computer usage reports and keep an eye on all the activities that happened on the business owned laptop and desktop PCs.

Windows screen recording

You can get access to the windows laptop and desktop computer remotely, and you can watch and track every activity your employees are doing on the PCs in real-time. You can record live videos of the PC screen and send the videos to the web control panel.


Windows monitoring software features are the best tool for business owners that they can use on any windows computer device to measure the productivity of employees and to protect from data breaches. Furthermore, you can safeguard the data stored on the business owned laptop desktops.



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