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You always want your exercise efforts to convert in your workout goals. Both Recumbent Exercise Bike and Treadmills are the great equipment’s in delivering their own output goals. Depending on your focus you may incorporate the exercise style and equipment.

Naturally incorporating more muscles will burn more calories. Beside that there are other variables which you cannot neglect right away. Let’s identify some of the variables which you need to consider during exercise.

For heart health:

The cardiovascular exercise maximizes the heart health. Though both recumbent bike and treadmills are great in aerobics exercise, they have different effects on your body. You can adjust the difficulty level of your bike by adjusting the resistance.

The more speed in your paddle and the resistance level will determine your heart beats. To enjoy the perfect heart rate you can set your bike to a low resistance level. Whereas if you desire to burn more calories you need to enhance the resistance level.

Paddling faster will put extra pressure on your heart beats. In recumbent exercise bike since the seat is lower, it decrease the stress on your heart. Its help to maintain proper blood circulation and it also decreases the hypertension and oxygen consumption.

But exercising in the treadmill, you can’t set the resistance level but you can change the incline, which maintain the pressure on your muscle. It serves near like cycling routines.

Stress on your ankles and knees:

On treadmill you walk just like regular routine. Though you can enjoy different speed it isn’t really much fun. And if you suffer from back or joint pain problems, the treadmill may worsen your health condition.

Whereas the workout bike will decrease the hip and knee pain and will extend the angle of your knee joint. It utilizes the large leg muscles, thighs and buttocks. If your back and hips are affected by rheumatoid arthritis you can continue the exercise with the bike.

Fun while exercising:

Exercising in the treadmill will never let you do extra activities as concentrating on other work which will increase the pleasure of the workout. The only fun you can enjoy is to listened music. But you can do a lot of funs while exercising on the recumbent bike.

You can watch TV, read books, listen music, plying games. Since you can free your hands you can control TV and other accessories while continuing the workout. The natural seated position provides relaxation on your neck, shoulders, knees, and low back.

Safety and speed measurement:

The exercising bike can record your previous speed and settings which enhances the safety precautions. Whereas running in treadmill may not facilitate you in this matter.

The large sit and ground level height of bike increases the safety if you fell down accidently. While in treadmill you need to continue your walk and if you suddenly stop running, it will cause several health injuries.

The more comfort you will get from exercising machine, the more likely you will continue your workout schedule. Disability and rehab friendliness makes the recumbent bike to an ideal training machine for those who have problems in their lower body parts.



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