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Holidays are for many a time to relax, but for some of us a time to let our hair down and enjoy the nightlife.

Most of us have been there, lazy days around the pool, a few cocktails with our evening meal then hit the bars and late night clubs.

You have endless destinations to choose from if you are looking for a holiday with nightlife to satisfy your needs.

We take a look at some of the most popular holidays destinations to go clubbing and enjoy the nightclubs.

Clubbing Holidays in Europe

Europe is home to some of the best destinations for partygoers and bar hoppers.

Made famous with the iconic 18-30 club nights Spain is a mecca of disco and dance.

One of the obvious choices is of course Ibiza, this island is legendary for its nightlife and year after year gets bigger and better.

Home to natural stunning beaches, perfect for curing hangovers, the island has all the ingredients you need for that perfect clubbing holiday.

With super clubs like Cream and Pacha for the diehard of clubbing fans to the more chilled out scenes like Cafe Mamba, there is something for everyone here.

Not just the mainstreet bars and clubs we all know about, Ibiza is home to hundreds of local bars, boutique bars, wine bars and that all important friendly local bar.

Ibiza attracts clubbers of all ages, as long as you’re old enough to get in the clubs you will have no problem making some awesome memories here!

Tenerife is another amazing island that offers holidaymakers that clubbing experience.

Across the island you will find all kinds of bars and clubs to suit your desires but one main hub is Veronicas Strip Tenerife.

A long road bustling with fun pubs, discos, clubs and places to grab a bite to eat.

If you like hustle, bustle and lots of energy then a visit to the stip in Playa de las Americas in peak season is a must.

Benidorm, home of karaoke, cabaret and nightclubs open till 9am the next morning.

Well known for its huge festivals and vibrant night scene, Benidorm has so much to offer holidaymakers looking for a clubbing holiday.

Along with the many bars along the main strip, the ‘Square” is home to all the late night clubs like the famous Cafe Benidorm.

Clubbing Holidays in the UK

The UK home is home to some fantastic resorts and very popular with those taking city breaks.

If it’s fun you are after then a holiday to the popular seaside resort of Blackpool is recommended.

Here you have the popular Queen Street, a street with pubs and clubs door after door and the main hub for those here for a good night.

Trilogy Nightclub is a massive club in Blackpool attracting big name DJs from around the world, a must for any clubber.

Every year you also have the famous pier clubland experience which again has world famous DJs and attracts clubbers from all around the UK to the holiday resort.

If it’s a city break you are after with a bit of clubbing thrown in then look no further than Manchester.

Clubs are in abundance here, every type of music genre, club scene and performances fill out these clubs.

Manchester is spread out and you have the pick of the bunch when looking for the best clubs to suit your tastes.

Friendly, fun and a night never to forget, Manchester has been on the clubbing map for many years and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Other Notable Clubbing Destinations

If you like to travel then Australia is great to mix a long haul trip with their superclubs.

A massive country mainly attracting backpackers here you will find the best clubs to party in whilst mixing within these circles.

For style and chic clubs, Italy is a mecca for the rich and famous.

If you have deep pockets you can be in a VIP area mixing with celebs in these exclusive clubs.

For those with not so deep pockets don’t worry! There are many clubs in Italy to suit all budgets and in the main cities you don’t have to search far.

Clubbing on Holiday Tips

As back home, if you are heading on a night out try and stay with your friends for safety.

Be careful of drinks bought by others or make a rule that you only accept drinks from those in your group.

Let your friends know if you are calling it a night and get a taxi, normally the price of a drink in Europe.

If a friend has had too much, get them back to your hotel, there is always tomorrow to go clubbing!

Take in account how much money you will need, some clubs in Spain can charge a fortune just for a bottle of water, don’t leave yourself short.x



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