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Cyber security has become the need of the day and is one of the most important components to have for an organization working over the internet and digital networks. No system or network, either connected to the internet or not, is secure in the contemporary time.

There has to be a system and technology to make sure everything is safe. It is not possible without cyber security. It has many levels and different methods and steps to secure digital machines and the data they contain.

The 10 Steps To Cyber Security Are Listed Below:

Risk Management Regime

The first and probably the most important step to effective cyber security is the risk management regime.

An organization needs to have a properly framed out plan and policy to tackle issues of cyber security. Risk management regime should have involvement of the top management of the organization.

Secure Configuration

Having a well-crafted strategy to identify, manage, and fix the security problem of an organization is of immense importance.

Without a strategy, no one would be able to effectively identify and tackle any security risk. Without a strategy, the 10 steps to cyber security are incomplete.

Network Security

Computer networks created over the internet are among the entities that are the most vulnerable to security risks.

This is because most cyber-attacks are launched through the internet. There needs to be a policy and plan to prevent any security breach in this regard.

Managing User Privileges

The access to any account or system given to users should be limited and controlled. In the case of uncontrolled and free access, the systems and sensitive data they contain will be at high risk of damage or theft from the users.

Organizations need to manage and control the access of computers and the data they give to the users.

User Education and Awareness

Employees have a significant role to play in the security culture of their organization. So they should be given education and awareness about the importance of data security to make the organization more secure in terms of data and network security.

Incident Management

There are fair enough chances that almost every organization has faced or will face security breaching incidents at some point in time due to human errors or loopholes in the cyber security system.

Organizations should have a strategy and plan to manage the incident and loss incurred in case of a breach.

Malware Prevention

With every computer and system connected to the internet, malware can enter and affect these systems.

These malware are capable of damaging the systems to a higher degree. Organizations need to have effective and active anti-malware software to prevent any unfortunate event.


Monitoring systems and networks helps an organization to detect cyber-attacks well in time. Detecting any attack in time allows the organization to take necessary measures before much damage is done.

Also, monitoring enables organizations to get an idea of how hackers try to attack their systems.

Removable Media Controls

Removable media can be the most common source of cyber-attacks if their movement is not controlled. Malware or any malicious tools can be transferred to the systems of the organization, or data can be stolen through these media.

These devices should be monitored and, where possible, banned from entering and leaving the organizational territories.

Home and Mobile Working

Mobile working from remote locations has emerged as effective practice, but there are certain drawbacks of it as well, such as data security. Organizations should have policies to train and educate their employees to follow company protocols while working remotely.

To conclude,

10 steps to cyber security are only effective if they are properly implemented and practiced by the organizations and people connected to them.

Also, every organization should be ready to face any kind of situation despite having a fool-proof cyber security system because criminals are always a step ahead.



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