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In recent years, the number of search engine results that differ from the standard listed results has skyrocketed. These SERP elements are supposed to help Google prioritize user demands by responding to search requests as quickly, precisely, and concisely as feasible. However, they’ve modified the SERPs’ layout dramatically, moving regular results further down the page and making page 1 real estate more competitive. The Featured Snippet, which is the subject of today’s article, is one of these SERP features. Read on to learn why all B2B SEO Companies Primelis prefer featured snippets, how it can be beneficial to your SEO strategy, as well as how to optimise your own content for Featured snippets.

But first, let’s see…

What is a Featured Snippet, and How Does it Work?

A featured snippet is a two-to-three-sentence summary of the material that appears at the top of Google’s results page. Also, featured snippets are answers to a user’s query that appear right in the search results. Receiving a highlighted snippet might increase traffic to a certain page. Position zero refers to featured snippets that appear above all other results. Featured snippets are clicked by 8% of search traffic, and revenue is claimed to be raised as well.

You may drive your site to the top of the search results by optimising for the highlighted snippet with very minor changes to your page’s content. Backlinks, performance, and site architecture are all thrown out the window (well, not really). Featured snippet optimisations allow you to skip all of that in exchange for a chance to rank first without having to worry about the other variables.

The Different Types of Featured Snippets

Paragraph Snippet

The paragraph snippet is the most popular type of Featured Snippet. The answer to a ‘what’ or ‘where’ type query is normally displayed in a paragraph snippet. This may or may not include an image. In the snippet box, Google tries to display the answer and offers a link to the URL where it obtained the answer. Most SEO companies Primelis focus on optimising content for paragraph snippets.

Number List Snippet

When a user asks a ‘how to’ question, Rich Answer snippets appear, and they may include an image alongside the prose. Google, like the paragraph snippet, tries to answer the question by explicitly providing previews of the stages involved in answering the user’s inquiry in the snippet box, in either a numbered or bulleted list format. Google will sometimes only pull a fraction of the items on a numbered or bulleted list snippet. Users may be enticed to click on the content to see the whole of the list, which can increase CTR. This is why, for “freemium” content provided by recipe, fitness, or other lifestyle sites, optimising for Featured Snippets can be a great SEO approach.

How My Content Can Feature in The Google Snippet?

The following are the steps every professional SEO agency Primelis follow to earn a featured snippet:

  • Add a heading that says “What Is.”
  • Define the topic completely.
  • Use a sentence structure with the word “is” in it.
  • Format the featured excerpt in the same way.
  • Do not use your company’s name.
  • Don’t speak in the first person.
  • Iterate on your improvements.
  • Snippets were featured on Scale.
  • When you’re in the top five, prioritise featured snippets.

The algorithm used by the featured snippet appears to be simpler than Google’s “main” algorithm. Simple on-page tweaks that clearly describe the topic to users have a far bigger impact on the featured snippet.

Increased Exposure With a Featured Snippet

You are eligible to appear in position zero if you are currently ranking in the top three positions for a typical SERP(Search Engine Ranking Positions) result. You quickly earn more visibility if you appear in both the standard result and the featured snippet. If you also have a sponsored listing for the same search result, you will have gained a significant amount of valuable real estate on the first page of the Google SERP.

More Traffic With a Featured Snippet

In addition to maximising visibility, research has shown that increasing click-throughs to the website results in an immediate rise in organic traffic.

According to studies by leading B2B SEO agency Primelis, ranking in position zero can result in a 115 percent increase in click-throughs from popular organic queries.

Increased Trustworthiness by Featuring in the Snippet

When users see your website as Google’s option to display in response to a query, they instantly assume it is the most dependable and credible source to answer their question.

The Bottom Line

Google, like all SEO methods, modifies how it ranks pages on a regular basis, so stay up to date on the latest algorithm updates. One of the foolproof ways to feature in snippets is partnering with a B2B SEO agency Primelis.

Remember that using a “if” statement and completely defining the issue in two to three sentences is critical. If you follow the aforementioned instructions, you should be able to greatly increase the number of highlighted snippets your site receives.




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