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Trend Micro Internet Security offers tons of security features that are beyond basic antivirus protection. Though security features are not quite useful, it does the job of blocking malicious stuff and keeping your device secured.

trend micro internet security

Most of the premium antivirus brand offers at least three consumer products, the basic one, the enhance one and lastly, the one with tons of additional features. When it comes to Trend Micro Internet Security, it falls between the basic and the enhanced one.

You can protect only up to three devices at the cost of $80 a year, which is almost the same cost as Kaspersky and Bitdefender. In case you want to cover more devices, you better go with Trend Micro Maximum Security.

What is Trend Micro Internet Security, and How it’s work?

Trend Micro Internet Security is one of the consumer products offered by Trend Micro. It is designed to provide advanced online protection to its Windows and Mac users.

Its user interface is a little unusual, but it won’t require technical knowledge as the primary interface is displayed on the main window. The icons you see on the main window will expose more of the relevant functions and features.


When it comes to independent test results, Trend Micro Internet Security scored composite scores. In the AV-Tests, Trend Micro became a top product, scoring 17.5 out of 18 points.

In the recent SE Labs tests, Trend Micro’s product received AAA certification and, in the AV-Comparatives tests, it had two Advanced ratings and one Standard rating.

Trend Micro Internet Security is impressive at malware URL blocking. The independent tests scored 94% detection rate, and it didn’t allow the browser to come close to any malicious websites.

This internet security suite was also good at detecting phishing and fraudulent sites and managed to score a 96% detection rate, which is relatively better than most products.

Benefits you get from Trend Micro Internet Security

  • Protection on email.

Trend Micro Internet Security makes sure that no scam email is received and free from any spam mails.

  • Web Protection

Its advanced technology can protect your system against ransomware and other web threats.

  • Privacy Protection.

It keeps your web browser away from dangerous websites.

  • Monitor your kids.

Trend Micro offers good Parental Controls that can help you to keep an eye on your kids’ online activity.

  • Performance Optimization.

If your computer is running slow, Trend Micro can fix the issues and enhance the system’s performance.

Security Features

  • Ransomware Protection with the help of Trend Micro’s multiple layers of protection.
  • Folder Shield prevents any changes made by any unauthorized programs or apps to your protected folders.
  • Behaviour Monitor looks out for any ransomware-like programs that have bypassed the real-time ransomware protection.
  • Secure Backup helps in facing any ransomware attacks storing all your sensitive data in a secured place.
  • Pay Guard launches a hardened version of your default browser. It helps in protecting your online transactions.
  • Mute Mode turns off all security notifications automatically when enabling full screen. It mutes all the information according to your set timings.
  • The toolbar is a browser extension that supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Any website will be displayed with either green, yellow, or red depending on the danger intensity.
  • Spam Filter is useful but works only with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Fraud Buster will filter any scam or fraudulent emails on your webmail, Gmail, Outlook via Firefox or Google Chrome.

Source: Internet Security Suite for PC

Trend Micro’s Pros and Cons

rend Micro Internet Security


  • It scored very well in both malicious URL and phishing blocking tests.
  • For secure online banking, you get a hardened browser.
  • PC performance optimizer.
  • You get a social media privacy scanner.
  • Quite a few bonus features.


  • Parental Controls are not that impressive.
  • Malware protection is not that good.
  • It scored low in some antivirus tests.
  • Choices for licensing are fewer.
  • There is no firewall.

How to Protect Multiple Devices Including MacOS?

After installing Trend Micro Internet Security on your Windows device, you immediately get a pop-up notification saying that you can protect more devices with your license. After that, you need to click on Protect Another Device, which is on the main interface.

You can extend the Internet Security protection to either another Windows or even Mac computer. But one thing you must note that you can protect only up to three devices. If you want more protection, then you should go for Trend Micro Maximum Security.

You can provide internet protection to a Mac device, but it will be limited on features and get more than basic protection. If there are any leftover licenses, make sure you use them properly.

Final Verdict

Trend Micro Internet Security has scored both good and bad scores in antivirus lab test results. Though it’s very impressive at blocking malicious URLs, it could be better in malware prevention.

Some features can be ineffective, especially the Parental Control feature. Also, you get only three licenses to protect a Mac and Windows PC. If you want more features and licenses, Trend Micro Maximum Security can be a better option.



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