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Treks for photography in Uttarakhand: Overview

Memories are said to be the best treasure of our past which we can relive again anytime, in the present or in our future. But these moments which we are living now can be the most wonderful memories in future only if captured properly at present. Also in the days of chaos all around in all of our lives, humans are nowadays heading towards serenity. And if we think of serenity, none other places in India can beat the high rising mountains, the splendid meadows covered with the blooming flowers, the windy waves hitting the trees, the bushes, and the green lush leaves in the forests of Uttarakhand. So all the photoholics kindly pay attention and have a glance at the treks of Uttarakhand where you can capture as many pictures manifesting the real surreal beauty that lies in the city which is nothing but “The Heaven On Earth.” 

Kedarnath Trek

One of the most beautiful experiences, not only for the adventurous people but also for beginners while trekking the Uttarakhand is the Kedarnath Trek. The trek that covers a distance of 20 Kilometers and is 12,500 feet high, never miss a chance to please you by its most beautiful scenarios, the high rocky mountains from where the waterfalls just keep enchanting you, and the beautiful meadows coming in a way of climbing the summit. The whole Kedarnath trek can be covered within 5 to 6 days and the best time to visit the place is between October to January. The professional photographers seeking some beautiful collections of splendid moments will finally reach their destination. The mountains, hills, grasslands, pastures, and the land wearing the snowy white outfit will conclude to be the “Perfect Pictures by impressing the cameraman.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Residing in the Garwhal district of the state, the Har Ki Dun trek is one of the most underrated but highly delightful places to visit and is situated at an attainable height of almost 3566 meters. Almost 12,000 ft above sea level the summit of Har Ki Dun trek is always a joyful place to visit covering the mountains, valleys, rivers, dense forest areas, and the beautiful Himalayan peaks like Swargarohini Peak, Kala Nag also known as Black Peak, Bandarpooch, etc. The most loved thing about the Har Ki Dun trek is it can be visited almost for 8 months that is either in the Winters or in Summers. The pleasure moments for a camera person are the offerings the valley is providing ranging from snowy high clad mountains to rivers and lakes to the beautiful Ruinsara lake on the other side. 

Bhramatal Trek 

Abundantly covered by snow, yet another trek of Uttarakhand provides you with the most serene yet the most exciting and joyful trip providing you with the amazing views of alpine trees, thick and foggy forest, high rising mountains residing in between the clouds, calm and placid lakes, etc.

Also the jungles of Oaks and Rhododendrons gift you the best scenes to capture. The best time to visit is in between mid-November to march and the trek can be completed within 6 days.

Rupin Pass

Starting from the Dhaula region of Uttarakhand covering a distance of 52 kilometers, this tough trek ends up in the lap of the Sangla region of Himachal Pradesh. The one who is ready to bear the toughness offered by the trek of Rupin Pass, and wanted to experience the adventure and should go for it. At the maximum altitude of 15,250 ft, the best time to visit the trek is from May to June which is pre-monsoonal climate, or from September to October that is a post-monsoon season. The splendid waterfalls coming in the way of trekking and the local cultural beauty visible as the villages are crossed in a way of climbing Rupin Pass serves the best moments for the photographers to cherish and flaunt their skill.

Nag Tibba Trek

To experience a thrill-full trekking experience in just a weekend can now be possible by visiting the Nag Tibba Trek. Mag Tibba Trek resting at 9,915 feet in Garwhal Himalayas it is at the highest peak. The snow-covered Himalayan ranges can be visible after reaching their peak. Also, the sunsets over here position themselves in the most beautiful ways as they can enhance the efficiencies of the professional photographers to take the best pictures depicting and showcasing their talent. As the Nag Tibba Trek is on its peak the snow-covered mountains are visible crossing the cloudy groups around and in between any explorer or nature lover can cherish the best sunset moment.


All we can get to know from the reviews heard and knowledge shared across the globe by the people, regarding such heavenly places is that we should once visit these wonderful places, not just for serenity, divinity, and thrill but also for capturing and cherishing the lifelong moments.



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