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Manali is the most adventurous tourist destination in India in Himachal Pradesh. It is perfect for outdoor activities and many of these places in Manali reflect the many activities in the area.

But many of Manali’s attractions and adventures can be very dangerous — especially if severe weather conditions such as floods and natural disasters such as slopes occur. Before you start your trip to better prepare yourself for anywhere you are in the region, check the weather and road conditions.

01.Solang Valley


Solang Valley, Manali, Distt, VPO Patcham, Barwa, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

Situated about 30 minutes away from Manali, Soling Valley attracts traveller’s to its snow and its adventure activities in winter and in summer.

Skiing and snowboarding can be done there from January to March, and visitors can reach the slopes in a cable car for 1.3 kilometers. Paragliding is popular after the snow gets clear. However, be aware that there are safety concerns (people have died in the past) and that it is not well regulated.

Many people who visit Solang Valley also opt-out of the adventure by visiting the Shiva temple above the village to experience a little culture. You can ride a pony there if you don’t want to walk up to it.

02.Rohtang Pass


Rohtang Tunnel North Portal Approach Road, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175140, India

Rohtang Pass is a popular day trip from Manali, but heavy transport can be a problem for reaching. It connects with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of the Himachal Pradesh River, a two to three-hour drive from the town of Manali.

It is often subject to poor weather because of its high height of around 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). Snow, especially when it is clear from other places, is the main attraction of Rohtang Pass. Sadly, waste management is poor and visitor facilities are not available. There are also a limited number of vehicles and a visit must be authorized at least one day in advance.

Nevertheless, once you arrive at the Rohtang Pass, there is plenty of snow sports on the ground. In addition, the igloo-shaped temple on top of Rohtang Pass can be stopped by Beas Kund, a spring originating from the Beas River.

03.Beas River

The mighty Beas River passes quickly through Manali and offers lots of recreational opportunities in the open in its waters and along its banks. However, it can be quite dangerous, especially after the snow melts in the spring and the rising water level due to the fast-flux of the river, even for the best-experienced rafter. It is recommended that tourists avoid the river between March and April.

If you would like to be more active during your visit to the Beas River, you will find popular options for a flight of foxes across it and rafting. Many companies across the Kullu Valley offer river rafting from Pirdi (closed town of Kullu) to Jhiri, usually on a 15 kilometer stretch of Grade II and III rapids. The rafting season is best between the middle of April and June, and between the middle of September and October. In Manali, it is easy to arrange excursions.

04.Old Manali


Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

Towards Manali, overlooking the bustle and chaos of the city, you find Old Manali, which is relatively peaceful with simple houses of a traditional style.

Old Manali is a laid-back center, and the road lined with inns, cafés, and small shops – the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by. The first man created by God according to Hindu mythology was Manu temple, which was dedicated to sage Manu at the top. The views value the steep but picturesque walk.

05.Hadimba Temple

Stop by the forest of Dungri on the road to the old Manali to visit the old temple of Goddessa (also called the temple of Dungri). The temple, which was built in 1553 and consists of a four-tiered pagoda, has a wooden façade. The wife of the Bhima from the Hindu epic The Mahabharata is Goddesse, dedicated to Hadimba.

There are additional attractions for yaks and enormous fluffy angora rabbits prepared for photos. In addition, every mid-May there is a fascinating three-day temple festival, with people from around the region attending it.


Hadimba Temple Rd, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

06.Manali Nature Park


Circuit House Marg, Siyal, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

Do not miss a stroll through the thick cedar trees of Manali Nature Park, which borders the river Beas, from Manali to Old Manali, if you love immersing yourself in nature.

Manali Nature Park ‘s outstanding trees provide an external, magical, mystical feeling for a dense shield. There is also another park, Van Vihar Park, adjacent to the town of Manali, to continue exploring the beauty of the natural environment after a walk through the natural park of Manali has ended.



Vashist, Himachal Pradesh 175103, India

Vashist is located on the opposite side of the Beas River, about 10 minutes up from Manali City, another travelling hamlet with low-cost guest houses.

There is an excellent Reiki Center if you are interested in alternative treatments like reiki, massage, regression of your past life and tarot. It is open from April to October and regular spiritual retreats take place all day long. Temples and hot springs are the main attractions otherwise.

08.Jogini Waterfall


Vashist, Himachal Pradesh 175103, India

You will go to Jogini Waterfall for a picturesque and enjoyable short walk through the hills of Vashist. The waterfall is not particularly impressive, but it invigorates the cold water and the environment. There are a few small restaurants and bed and breakfasts along the way, which allow you to stop for a meal under Jogini Waterfall before or after dipping in the water.

09.Buddhist Temples


Pangan Gompa Rd, Pangan, Himachal Pradesh 175143, India

South of the town of Manali is a small Tibetan colony worth to visit in order to see its quiet , peaceful Buddhistic temples and shops that sell Tibetan crafts and tapestries. A huge Lord Buddha gold statue is housed in one of the temples, Himalayan Nyinmapa Gompa. In the night the temple is gorgeously lit.

Gelukpa Gompa has a spacious prayer room filled with small statues, which is further along the same path. Built by Tibetan refugees in 1960, Gadhan Thekchkhokling Gompa is surrounded by brightly coloured frescos. Inside is a Buddha statue of medium size. In the Tibetan unrest there is also a list of Tibetan martyrs who were killed between 1987 and 1989.

10.The Mountains


Near Old Manali Bridge, Manu Temple Road, Old Manali, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

Himalayan Trails in old Manali offers many outdoor activities, including guided walks and daily walks, if you don’t want to go alone. Himalayan Caravan Adventure is also recommended for outdoor adventure, walking, climbing and rafting.

You can also take the Himalayas by bike for additional adrenaline! Hampton Pass is a five-day popular tour from Manali that demands good fitness.



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