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Floors remain integral to your home’s interior decoration. No matter the theme of the interior decoration, if you fail to choose the best flooring design, even the best themes would not look appealing. Besides designing the floors from scratch, many people feel bored of the old flooring pattern. A little revamping often lends the entire space a new dimension.

Floors cover an extensive part of the visible surface area of kitchens and bathrooms. Modern kitchens and bathrooms generally have a space-saving design exposing most of the floor area. Therefore, the right selection of floor design is critical for making your kitchen area or bathrooms as urban-looking as your home.

The following three flooring varieties are ideal for modern houses with space-saving kitchen designs. Look for the best companies offering hardwood flooring in Jacksonville, FL, to get the best choices.

Vinyl Flooring

Gone are the days when only expensive options looked classy. With smarter designs and materials entering the market, pocket-friendly options have become equally appealing and stylish. Vinyl flooring is undoubtedly one of those alternatives.

This variety of flooring offers longevity and style at the same time. The finishing of vinyl flooring resembles that of hardwood or stone floors. However, the cost of vinyl flooring remains comparative lower.

For kitchens and bathrooms, stain-resistant materials are always the best choice. Vinyl flooring offers stain resistant surface that keeps the kitchen and bathroom flooring sparkling like a new one for a long time. Even though it lends the room a look of stone floors, it does not turn the air cold like real stone floors.


Tile floors are probably the most popular alternatives these days. This type of flooring has earned its fame for its stone-like glaze. Tiles contain a mixture of silica, feldspar, quartz, clay and many other minerals that get baked at a high temperature.

The durability of these tiles remains unquestionable, and they also exhibit low water absorption. You will find a wide-ranging variety of tiles in terms of color, design, textures, and prints.

The best tile manufacturers keep designs that match the texture of bamboo, marble, and wood. If you want the look of a wooden floor without installing woods,  tiles remain the best alternative.  

Hardwood Flooring

If you wish to install wooden flooring, hardwood alternatives are the best choices. The natural wood colors make the collection of hardwood flooring options diverse. You will find brown, walnut, cherry, and many other shades for hardwood flooring.

This variety of flooring is durable but requires careful maintenance. If you can maintain the hardwood flooring, it can last for a very long time. This is indeed an expensive choice, but always a worthy one.

Apart from these choices, the best flooring companies for hardwood flooring in Jacksonville, FL, offer several other flooring alternatives. Get in touch with a flooring service near you to learn more about the options.



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