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The sunshade is a kind of integral accessory for the polish a Cars body yourself, without which it will be difficult for all motorists.

If the temperature regime in the car is violated, that blissful feeling of comfort disappears, the interior begins to overheat, and it is impossible to move in such a vehicle. In this article, we will tell you about the classifications of curtains and figure out which ones will be the ideal option for you.

Tinting or sunshade? 

Of course, many opt for tinting, but the opinion that this option is more profitable and reliable is erroneous. There are at least two arguments upon the overpriced cost of tinting, as well as its efficiency.

What do we need to pay attention to when choosing shades for the car? 

The first step is to find out what material it is made of. The ideal material will be polyvinyl chloride. This material does not fade and also does not lose its protective properties.

Next, we look at the suction cups.

It is on them that the curtains are attached to the glass. They should be tight and even rigid. This is necessary so that the rubber does not wear out after a month but will serve you for a long time. Finally, you have seen that the shades differ in size; some go to the windshield, others are suitable for the rear.

Classification of curtains. 

Screen shutters.

They are made from polyurethane cloth, and they are pretty flexible. This mirrored coating can reflect the sun’s rays. Models are mounted on windshields as well as rear windows. The fastening elements are suction cups, as well as elastic bands.

Frame dampers.

The effect of such dampers is very similar in appearance to tinted ones. But you need to know that in this case, the protection is not 100 percent, but only 70. This is because the shades consist of a frame (flexible plastic) and a blackout mesh. Another disadvantage is that to open the window; you have to remove this structure.

Blinds stickers.

Here, there are no suction cups when fastening; the fastening element is a sticky base. We can say that this is just a plastic mesh that protects the glass from the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the interior.

Roller shutters.

Would you mind purchasing them? After all, they not only protect the interior from direct sunlight but also allow you to open the window without hindrance. The roller shutters are fastened to the upper as well as the lower part of the frame.

Frameless sun blinds.

They are similar to the usual curtains that we see in homes. You can relocate them to the side if required.

Which shades to choose from the list above?

Be sure to install shades on all windows (front, side, rear); this will help you generate an all-around safeguard of the car from ultraviolet emission. The interior, in this case, will not overheat, and the temperature inside the vehicle will remain close to comfortable. However, do not forget that the car heats up by itself under the sweltering sun for a long time.

Is there a penalty for a sunshade?

You also need to know that you cannot drive with curtains on the windshield and the front side windows in many countries. But when the car is immobilized, you will not be fined.

Bottom line. 

It’s summer outside, which means the hottest time is coming, for which you need to adjust your polish a Cars body yourself thoroughly. Now you know how to choose the perfect sunshade, which means that comfort in the cabin is guaranteed.

Can I polish a car body yourself?

During the running of the car, various chips and possibly scratches are formed on the paintwork of the polish a Cars body yourself. As a result, the appearance of the vehicle loses its former attractiveness.

Pro-tip: pay close attention to your tires. If your tires are outdated or worn out, ensure to equip your ride with one of the best car tires in the UAE.

After you have painted or removed various minor damages, you need to polish the surface to a consistent mirror shine. But first, carefully examine, clean the streaks of paint from dirt and various impurities with paper with a grain size of one thousand two hundred or two thousand. 

Do you also want to liquidate the leftover paper? In this case, use a woolen abrasive pad and paste. Move the latter first to the left, then to the right, and polish only with your hands where you can’t reach.

Good luck on the road and happy driving!



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