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Nowadays, renewed iPhone and smartphones are generally bought online. People rely on the online phone selling website to grab their desired phones at the best deal possible. However, these smartphones are sold with a 10 days return policy.

There are several reasons why a customer would return the phone that they bought gladly a few days back. Among the several reasons, a primary reason can be receiving a faulty phone.

Once these faulty phones are returned, they undergo rigorous testing, repair & certification processes, before they are resold as renowned or refurbished phones. 

Moreover, a renewed phone is not like any random second-hand phone. Yet, it might have a few scratches on the outer body, but it will work perfectly.

Therefore, you can totally think of buying a renewed iPhone or Samsung phone if you have a low budget. However, there are a few things that you have to remember while buying them. If you are wondering what these things are,

You are at the right place. In this article, we have listed some things that you have to keep in mind while buying a refurbished phone or a renewed one. So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider While Buying a renewed iPhone

  • Affordability: 

By now, you know that renewed phones are offered at much lower rates. That’s why refurbished phones are super affordable. For example, a new iPhone 11 with 256 GB storage costs about 749 pounds, while the refurbished iPhone 11 costs about 575 dollars.

Likewise, the price of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 256 GB storage starts at 459 pounds, while the price of the renewed one starts at about 230 pounds. So, can you see the difference? Hopefully, now, it is evident why refurbished phones are more affordable. 

  • Warranty:

Generally, renewed phones come with a warranty. Renewed phones with warranties also bring a sense of trust that the phones will work perfectly. However, if the manufacturer does not provide a warranty with the purchase, this means they do not guarantee the phones will continue working properly or not. In other words, there is a chance that the phones are not in their best working state.

That’s why you have to buy your refurbished phone from a manufacturer who offers a warranty. After all, the phone had faults before and a warranty is the only protection if there remains an issue. So, you should think twice before buying a renewed phone without a warranty. 

  • Model History:

Some phone models have specific mechanical glitches or operating issues. So, it is advised to do overall research on the model you want to buy. You can read the reviews on different sites to know about its performance before buying it. 

  • Factory Settings: 

Before buying a refurbished phone, you need to make sure that the phone has been cleared of any evidence of prior ownership.

The phone should be restored to the factory settings so that the new owner can set the phone according to his or her preferences. If you find any prior information stored, it will be clear that the phone may not be entirely and properly refurbished.

  • Valid Invoice:

You should consider buying your renewed phone from a seller who offers support for the refurbished phone with a valid purchase invoice or bill. This will help the customer to return the phone or get it repaired when needed.

  • Quality Accessories & Their Overall Condition: 

Other than the phone itself, you have to think about the accessories that come along with the renewed iPhone. This means you need to make sure that they provide you quality accessories.

Otherwise, faulty accessories like fake default chargers can severely damage the phone’s battery. In other words, duplicate accessories may hamper the working of the phones. So, you should examine everything very carefully while buying a refurbished phone. 

  • Explore Finance Schemes: 

Well, thanks to several financial schemes, buying smartphones is not a big deal anymore. You can easily get a good finance scheme available in the market to buy the phone. Like, you can go for easy monthly EMIs.

However, you might have to pay some interest. Also, the cheaper your phone price is, the less time you will need to pay it off. Therefore, you will have to pay less interest. So, you should buy your refurbished phone with a finance scheme. 


With a little homework, you can easily get a good renewed iPhone or Samsung smartphone for yourself with a warranty. Thus, you will have a phone of your choice and save up a lot of money at the same time. So, think carefully about refurbished phones and buy accordingly. 




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