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According to UNODC data, as of 2018 Mexico was among the 10 countries with the highest rate of intentional homicide (for which information is available), in the world. In that year, El Salvador registered a rate of 52 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, in Jamaica it was 43.9; in Honduras, 38.9; for Venezuela the figure was 36.7; in South Africa 36.7; in Mexico, 29.1; Brazil registered 27.4 and Colombia, 25.3. These data place Latin America as the most violent region on the planet.

The situation of the states of the Republic

To measure what is happening in the states with the worst homicide rates in Mexico, it is important to note that, as a purely comparative exercise, there would be entities in the country that by themselves would exceed the data of the countries with the worst indicators.

For example, in 2019, the intentional homicide rate in the state of Colima was 85.4 victims per 100,000 inhabitants, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System; Baja California followed, with a rate of 72.77; Chihuahua, with 57.55; Morelos, with 45.04; Guanajuato, with 44.95; Guerrero with 43.36 and Quintana Roo, with 40.66.

In 2020, and with data only up to the month of July, the preliminary data from the SESNSP show that Colima continues to be the entity with the worst mortality rate from intentional homicide, with 51.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Baja California follows, with 45.1; Chihuahua, with 43.8; Guanajuato with 43.3; Zacatecas with 33.5; Michoacan, with 29.5; Sound, 28.7; Morelos with 26.6; Quintana Roo with 23.3; Warrior with 23.2; and Jalisco with 17.9. All these entities exceed the national average, which stands, to date, at 16 homicides per 100,000 people.

Absolute numbers

It is important to note that, according to the UNODC, in 2018 there were only eight countries with more than 10,000 intentional homicides; these were: Brazil, with 57,358; India, with 41,651; Mexico, 36,685; South Africa, 21,036; USA, 16,214; Columbia, 12,586; Russian Federation, 11,964; and Venezuela, 10,598.

From this perspective, in 2018, the state of Guanajuato, in which the highest absolute number of homicides was recorded, equaled or exceeded the amounts recorded for the following countries: El Salvador, where there were 3,340 homicide victims; Kenya, 2,533; Afghanistan, 2,474; Argentina, 2,362; and Turkey, 2,133.

The horror of femicides

The other indicator that is important to highlight is the one related to femicides, in which the entities that register the worst data for the year 2020, with preliminary data up to July 2020, are the following: Morelos, with 2.38 femicides for every 100 thousand women in the entity; Colima, 2.28; New Leon, 1.39; San Luis Potosi, 1.36; Nayarit, 1.24; Veracruz, 1.23; Lower California, 1.21; Puebla, 1.14; Oaxaca, 1.07; Durango, 1.06; and Chihuahua, 1.04.

It is pertinent to note that the rate of femicides has grown year after year: in 2015, it was 0.69 victims per 100,000 women in the country; in 2016 it grew to 1.03; in 2017 it reached 1.21; for 2018 it rose to 1.43; and in 2019 at 1.49; Until July 2019, the indicator is 0.87, that is, in the first 7 months of the year, the annual indicator for 2015 has already been exceeded.

Homicide same as in 2020

The association made sense of that the wrongdoing of murder acted in a very much like method for enduring year, since it enrolled a slight diminishing of 1%, so the pace of 28 crime casualties for every 100,000 occupants is kept up with.

“One of the greatest on the planet, just outperformed by El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, South Africa and Brazil,” the assertion said.

Santiago Roel, head of the Traffic Light, demonstrated that manslaughter is the sign of most prominent concern and pertinence since “it is straightforwardly connected with drug dealing executions. “

He called attention to that they are not customary crimes since “80% or a greater amount of the manslaughters in Mexico are because of the bootleg market of medications. “

He said that the region of the country with the most elevated crime rates are those where at least two cartels battle for the court, either to create, import, and traffic or sell a denied substance.

“It’s anything but a state police issue, it is a government issue. However long Mexico wouldn’t even come close to removing their business by controlling a few substances, we will keep on experiencing this damnation” , regretted Roel.

Similarly, he made sense of that socio-family wrongdoings have ascended in the year and are accounted for in red, including assault, family brutality, deliberate wounds and femicide.

“We are encountering perhaps of the most ridiculously fierce year. Despite the fact that it is actually the case that burglaries and grabbing have diminished because of the pandemic and control, then again, the savagery that happens at home has taken advantage of us, “he settled.

Furthermore, he cautioned that careful preventive work by specialists and society is critical “we can’t stand around lazily,” he said.

At long last, he denounced the Mexican government, headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of hitting private venture, the unrestricted economy and free rivalry.

“Consistently we see more and more awful state intercession and that has made an exceptionally regrettable difference. In the event that they keep on demanding it and, then again, kick the boat on the issue of medication guideline, this six-year term will end as the most terrible with regards to brutality and wrongdoing,” finished up Roel.




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