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Having now reached the phase of decline of the pandemic, we can begin to take stock of the consequences of the quarantine. We continually hear about a great leap forward towards digitalization. But let’s see what actually happened: how have people’s behaviors changed in recent months? And, consequently, what new opportunities have arisen? Is there even more to be achieved with video projects and video marketing?

Corporate videos? Let’s start with the data

We Are Social has published a Digital 2020 Report , with data updated in April, which shows that 3 out of 4 users declare that they use their devices more than in the period before the quarantine. The data, in fact, show a 23% increase in the use of social media, a factor linked to the great boom that the practice of video calling has had, given the impossibility of maintaining social and working relationships in any other way. Who hasn’t used, or at least heard of, zoom in this period? Furthermore, the impact has also particularly affected the e-commerce market and the online entertainment industry.

Companies and digital videos

At this point it is clear that all this opens up a new landscape for companies. These, in fact, have a new and great opportunity to make themselves known, or to make their products and services known, through digital channels and event production company in dubai. In particular, a way of communicating that is very effective, in terms of positive response from users, is that of videos. Even before Covid-19 it was clear that video marketing is a formidable tool, today the potential is at its maximum. The data collected by We Are Social confirm, in fact, that 90% of users globally watch videos online.

But there is more!  for example, writes that the engagement rate of users is at record levels and, on the other hand, the cost of the Adv on the various platforms is falling so the costs to reach them have been reduced.

In short, nowadays for a company the presence on the web is essential and the format of the corporate video is the winning weapon!

A video for everything? Or…

The most effective way to position yourself online is to calibrate content based on the products or services offered by the company and also based on the target audience. This means that if a large part of the target of the company we are collaborating with is on social media, we will create a video suitable for that type of channel. These are short video content for social media, lasting about two minutes, and in which the written text appears. We know, in fact, that many social users do not activate the audio on the media; therefore, it is clear that, if we want to convey a certain message, the user will need to be able to read it.

A wise choice is to also take care of the basis of one’s online presence: the company’s website. Finding a site with a clean and clear home page for the user is not at all obvious, even if it should be. These qualities, however, should not be at the expense of the information to be communicated. So what to do? Create a corporate presentation video. In a few minutes the user, or potential customer, will know what the company is about, what type of product or service it offers, what are the values ​​on which its identity is based.

… Videos for e-commerce and video tutorials

We have already said that the practice of online shopping is experiencing a great rise. In fact, many companies opened their e-commerce sites right during the quarantine. Well, what is the best way to make yourself known than by inserting a presentation in the form of an e-commerce video? The user will immediately understand if the site he is on is right for him without wandering for hours in the product catalog.

Or, again, another aspect related to e-commerce is the purchase of innovative products whose use, perhaps, is not exactly intuitive. The problem is that the customer is not in a physical store where the salesman can explain all the details of the product and show how it works. What is intuitive, however, is the solution: product videos and video tutorials. For which the data from the Digital 2020 Report show a significant increase in interest. All of us have been looking for a tutorial online but, today more than ever; a video tutorial could win over a customer.

On TV? Video for commercials

Although we believe that positioning on digital channels is today more important than ever for companies, we cannot forget what is the hard core of global media culture: television.

A video for a commercial is still important but this too has undergone its evolutions. Of course, in 2020, it can no longer be a video for commercial with a couple of actors listing a range of information about a product. Rather, it is a video that tells a story. Viewers don’t just want to know that a product or a company in general, has certain qualities; they want to see how the product or company can somehow improve an aspect of their life. Above all, it is the stories that remain in our minds even after some time.

The story in video projects

The story we are living now will remain etched in our mind for a long time. You might think that a corporate video would have been effective during the quarantine, but useless now that we are moving towards a return to normal. The data, on the other hand, show users ‘ intention to continue to consume the various digital channels in such a massive way.



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