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The History of Pizza and Its Types


Pizza is one such food that many people, irrespective the age, crave. Especially if you are someone living in metropolitan cities or advanced nations, then for sure you must have already made a list of the best pizza shops in the town. But have you ever tried out to find the story behind this delicious invention? If not, read on to know the story and different types of Pizza before browsing Google for the best pizza delivery spots at your place.


The Origin of Pizza


The history of Pizza dates back to 1889 when Queen Margherita consumed this famous Italian dish during her visit to Pizzeria Brandi in Naples—bored of the daily routine diet food, the princess ordered Pizzaiolo (pizza maker) on duty that day, to prepare her a delicious pizza. Following her orders, he created it for the Queen that contained the three colors of the new Italian flag. This made Pizza the most popular dish in many parts of the world today.


As the dish became widespread, many chefs tried adding different flavors by experimenting with many toppings. This increased the cost of Pizza over the years. Now that you have known the history of the Pizza, below are a few types of it to order from the best pizza delivery hut near you.


The Veg Pizza


As the name sounds, vegetarian pizzas are made mainly for vegetarian customers who consume vegetables in their Pizza. It is made up of ingredients like peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, Mozzarella, olives, cheddar, onions, and corn are used. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you can ask the pizza shop staff to omit them from your Pizza. The best pizza shop in the town never refuses to customize the Pizza for its customers.


Neapolitan Pizza


Neapolitan Pizza is also one more popular pizza variety that appeals to every pizza lover due to its great ingredients. This type of Pizza meets consumers’ expectations who enjoy intense flavors, which ingredients such as sausage, salami, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, olives, corn, cheese, and eggs are used. If you are someone who loves cheese, you can give a shot at it. Grab your phone and browse for Pizza deals near me to get this Pizza from the best pizza huts in town.


Chicago Pizza


Chicago pizza comes in a different shape and structure than other pizza types. It is also often referred to as deep-dish Pizza due to its high edges and thick toppings. It is usually made up of tomatoes and cheese. This thick crust pizza can also be personalized based on your choice of ingredients. But not every Pizza delivery hut can do this; do opt for the best one if you are choosy when it comes to food.


 Mexican Pizza 


This classic Pizza is a blend of Italian techniques with Mexican taste. The Pizza is topped with Mexican gems like kidney beans and cooked with a fiery hot sauce, giving it an elegant taste. Order it from the best Pizza hut in the town to enjoy the rich flavorful taste of this delicious Pizza.


Greek Pizza


A foodie worth Greek style is made of fresh green vegetables like zucchini, avocado, olives, and bell peppers. This Pizza will appeal to you the most if you are someone who craves spicy food. Try to order this Pizza from your favorite pizza hut near you now.











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