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When you think about all the factors, you need to create an Esports team. Designing a logo may not seem a priority. “Maybe I don’t need a logo,” whispers a little voice in the back of your head. Please don’t listen to that voice; because you couldn’t be more wrong.

Having a logo is one of the small steps necessary for your Esports team to succeed.

Why is a logo necessary? Because it impresses, makes a strong first impression, is the basis of your team’s identity, differentiates you from the competition, and encourages your followers’ engagement and is expected by your audience.

The growing number of millennial gamers has turned this industry into tricky terrain.

Teams and Esports players themselves have to face arduous paths to find serious sponsors.

To support the sponsorship search, you must work on your personal brand and your team’s branding.

And that includes the design of a logo for the well-executed team, which adds value to the organization and can capture the attention of your followers and your potential sponsors.


An essential step to achieving sponsorship agreements is to have a logo that fits the identity of your outfit.

A logo is a beautiful image, but it must be imbued with your Esports team’s philosophy and “lore.” When designing your Esports logo, you must keep all these values in mind.

While a company logo reflects the brand of the company,

An Esports team logo, in addition to branding, reflects the strength of your electronic competition set. Without a competitive symbol, you will be just a streamer or content creator without any set or organization.

What unites all the players on the team is the name, the colors, and the design of the Online Esports Logo.

Now, how to design an Esports logo? Ideally, you would have the help of a designer.

In fact, if your team grows, you will likely need to include a profile related to design within the Esports team staff.

But we all know that the beginnings are difficult to monetize, so this post recommends that you look for cheaper or free alternatives for the graphic part, at least at the beginning.

So today, you will learn five online logo makers to create your own Esports logo.

The best 5 online Esports logo makers


It has hundreds of Esports logo templates that you can customize and a very intuitive visual editor based on drag and drop.

DesignEvo is the best alternative for people with no design skills and experiences.


It is not specially designed to design Esports logos, but if you are looking for a simple logo with basic and minimalist lines, be sure to visit their website.


The editor of this website is somewhat less friendly but has the great advantage of saving the project and continuing with the design at another time. Of course, they will force you to leave an email and receive their newsletter.


It has a very well-explained step-by-step tutorial on its home page, which will help you create your esports logo without any problem.


Placeit has a huge amount of graphics that you can use and customize, and it also has the option to create animated logos. What more could you ask for?



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