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Interestingly, Yoga and massage are famous wellness practices globally. If you intend to combine them, you are surely on to something.

Yoga and massage are quite similar to each other. The ultimate purpose of both practices is to detoxify and oxygenate the body. They both improve blood circulation in the body and recuperate range of motion. Besides, massage and yoga are considered ideal practices to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Let us share a fascinating fact about yoga that it is a renowned type of self-massage.

So, did you know this instructive piece of information earlier that twisting, folding, and bending during yoga massage stretches the internal organs of a body? As a result, your body feels better and healthy.

Still, we recommend you to develop this habit of getting a professional massage more often.  You can always rely on the professional massage services of Geylang Wellness center because their expert massage therapist uses their exceptional skills to offer the finest massage according to your body’s needs.

Sounds Good? How to Combine Massage with Yoga?

There is nothing wrong with combining massage and yoga in your fitness routine. However, you might be thinking about practicing the two in tandem, or what is the ideal sequence; massage, then yoga, or vice versa?

Getting Professional Massage before Yoga

One of the remarkable benefits of getting a massage before your yoga class is that it improves blood flow in the body. Also, stretches the outer layer of muscles and makes it easier for you to elongate more deep tissue into your asanas.

Massage not only strengthens your muscles but improves their flexibility too. It means that massage helps you to maintain your yoga poses for a longer time. The focusing-inducing and tension-releasing power of massage allows you to stay focused during the yoga sessions and improves yoga meditating effects.

Nevertheless, you should pay complete heed to your body sensitivity during massage-yoga tandem. Several intense types of massage, including deep tissue or sports massage, require a considerable period of muscular recovery. In this situation, going for yoga practice soon after the intense massage isn’t a suitable idea for your body.

A gentle technique including Swedish massage better prepares you for effective yoga as it entirely focuses on warming, spiraling, and soothing your stressed muscles.

Similarly, pay full attention to your body during post-massage yoga sessions. We suggest you start with some gentle poses. However, if the massage has given complete new energy to your body, you can opt for the desired poses. But don’t be so hard on yourself if you feel post-massage tenderness and sensation in your body.

Remember, yoga is rigorous practice, but it never causes unbearable pain in your body. So, if your body sends anguish singles, take them seriously and start your yoga practice after a break.

Massage plays a vital role in soothing and calming your body, so if you feel a little sluggish during post-massage-yoga sessions, continue with vigilance or don’t proceed.

How Does It Feel To Get Massage After Yoga?

Like massage before yoga, massage after yoga has some incredible benefits too.

Getting massage after yoga practice will significantly reduce lactic acid that builds up in the body after a tough exercise. It also speeds up the recovery process (after yoga or different types of exercises).

If you have chosen fascia or deeper tissue massage, then gladly, the massage boosts up the effect of yoga and gives unbelievable liveliness to your body.

If your core objective is to enjoy maximum relaxation, then go for this massage after yoga tandem. A comforting massage after yoga is a profound experience that can’t be expressed in words.

Which Option is perfect For You?

If you want to experience significant improvements in physical and mental health, then opt for both massage and yoga practices without any second thought.

However, it is always recommended to discuss everything with your massage therapist in the first place. Try to explain everything about your physical state and psychological condition.

For instance, if you are visiting a spa after an energetic hot yoga session, what are you planning to do after a massage. Discuss it with your chosen massage therapists as they can customize your massage according to your body needs. This way, you can get pleasure from the advantages of massage and valuable yoga sessions.

We strongly recommend you to choose a spa that is a pro at offering all types of massage according to your body needs. The selection of an uncertified wellness center surely puts your health and money at stake.

Therefore, make your final decision after looking into every aspect properly.

Your mind and body deserve the best treatment, so take out some time for them.  Get a massage once or twice a month. However, you can perform yoga daily as it’s the best practice for a vibrant lifestyle.



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