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Nowadays, social media helps you to interact with a huge audience and establish your own brand among thousands of others. Pickzon is a best short video app that combines the best social media profile design with mind-blowing functionality. You may make videos, gain influence, and even buy and sell items on the internet. Pickzon’s social media profile style necessitates the creation of a profile, which you can subsequently make public or private according to your preferences. There are various benefits to having a public profile that you should constantly consider.

What is a public profile, exactly?

Everyone can see your public profile, even if they aren’t following you. Without your permission, any Pickzon user can track you. Regardless of whether or not they follow you, all Pickzon users may see your photographs and videos. Any user has the ability to like or comment on your photo. Additionally, any user may post your photographs or videos to their profile. Even if your account is public, you may retain privacy by removing followers, disabling commenting, and sharing.

How to make a profile on PickZon?

PickZon is a social media platform in which you can buy-sell and get home services, they can also watch and make short videos to entertain themselves.   

Download the application and install it from the play store. After that, go through the following steps:

  1. To begin, you will need to agree to the PickZon Terms & Privacy, and then allow access to your contacts, media and files.  
  2. To proceed, you need to enter your phone number and request OTP. If you are having trouble with the log-in process, please select “Trouble in login” and describe your issue. (For Example: 85XXXXXX38 then you get the 4 digit OTP 7456)
  3. You can also put your picture in profile (Optional)
  4. After that you must enter your User name, Gender and Birthdate.(For example, name-Meera, gender-Female and DOB: MM/DD/YYYY- 04/12/1997)  *Don’t Forget to tick the Terms & Privacy then continue. Afterwards, you can start using your profile.

After you create your profile, you can edit it. Choose whether to make it Private or Public, Add your email address, website link(If you have) and write about yourself, your interests. 

It’s easy to create a profile with PickZon. You need just your name and birthdate. Additional information can be added later or whenever you’d like.  

The Most Important Features of a Public Account

Having a public account offers several benefits. Whether you’re a social media influencer or advertising a business online, having a public account is usually advantageous.

You Have Only Unlimited Connections:

A personal account can only have a certain amount of followers, but a public account lets you connect with a much larger number of individuals. Anyone may see and follow your profile. As a consequence, any person who wishes to add you directly can do so. With a public profile, you may quickly attract a significant number of followers. A broad audience and the ability to make contacts are crucial, and a public profile allows you to do both.

Boost a Post’s Stability:

It’s easy to enhance a post and gain greater visibility with a public account. You can get a lot of views, likes, and comments if you share a clip of a famous song on a public account. If you utilize the right subtitles and hashtags, your videos can become viral, and you can even become a trend setter. As a result, having a public profile can help you improve your profile and gain more engagement if you are an influencer.

Increase the number of people who share your posts:

Any user may share your content in a public profile, which boosts the amount of shares. Your content will earn more views if more people share it. If you want to make viewers aware of your latest content, brand, or items, or if you want your article to be widely shared, you should create a public profile.

Hashtag Feeds Featured Content:

Hashtags are crucial for boosting engagement. You could get more views, likes, and comments if you incorporate trendy hashtags in your article. This is only feasible if your account is public and accessible to the general public. When you use hashtags in a public account, they display on the search page by default, allowing more people to view them. As a result, a public post containing hashtags might be quite helpful in reaching the correct audience.

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