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SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is a technique of obtaining more traffic to a website by improving the visibility in the free, organic, editorial or paid search results.

Search engine optimization is often seen as an effective method of achieving a high ranking in the search results for a specific keyword or phrase. But with so many techniques available to internet marketers nowadays it is important that the search engine optimisation strategy that you use should be suitable to your website’s requirements.

Here are some SEO methods that should not be used at all:

The website should not only contain information about your website. It must also contain the links necessary for the visitors to reach your website. This is not just the content. The link structure is also very important because this will determine the ranking of your website on the search engines. SEO companies usually provide various link building services to clients.

Search engine optimization has two different techniques namely, organic and paid search. Organic means to improve the content of the website and the paid means to improve its ranking on the search results pages. SEO techniques also differ in the types of keywords that are used to enhance the site’s ranking in the search engine results. One example is that of link popularity, wherein the number of links pointing to the website increases as the page rank of the site increases.

A good website promotion strategy

A good website promotion strategy also includes article marketing or blog commenting, directory submissions and forum posting as well as website reviews. Article marketing is one of the most efficient ways of getting backlinks to a website and also an effective way of SEO. Another technique that is very effective in increasing traffic and ranking of the website is by submitting articles to directories that publish relevant websites. In fact, some of the most visited websites in the world are those with relevant contents in the relevant categories.

The above mentioned techniques should only be used in conjunction with the proper search engine optimization strategy to get high ranking on the search engine results pages. It is essential for the success of your website.

When SEO experts suggest using such techniques on your website it is important that the site or product that you are promoting is well researched. It is always advisable to research the keywords and phrases used to promote a particular product so that it can be easily accessed by the online users.

Keyword Density

When it comes to SEO, the keyword density must be much higher than what is required on a search engine result page. Therefore, it is not recommended for people to use long keywords in their websites as this is the reason why search engine robots detect them and consider them as spam or irrelevant.

It is important to be consistent in the manner in which the website is promoted. If your website appears only once in the search engine results pages, it is important to use a unique keyword rich domain name and link to it to maximize the chances of getting a high ranking. Always bear in mind that it is not a bad thing to spend a few dollars on a better link building service than spending hundreds of dollars on the new ads on the search engines.



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