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The ability to persevere in the face of failure and self help guide books success matters more than either one. (Winston Churchill)

I couldn’t have put it better Winston. When examining how to go about making money in the worst economic slump since Churchill’s era, determination is only one factor you must consider.

And if you keep reading you’ll soon learn what skills you will need to start earning money in the depression. (As that lady in Allo Allo says, “I shall say this only once!”)

Firstly let’s paint the picture of how challenging it is out there. As budgets and businesses are continuously cutting back costs this means inevitably that there is not enough work accessible for everyone.

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Staff cuts have to be made as a prerequisite in order to reduce costs accordingly. The financial sector has been the worst sector affected since the start of the downturn with jobs going by the hundred including the recent spate of job cuts at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

It’s like a snowball effect that keeps on spinning out of control. Furthermore as the quantity of jobs available become less, the number of prospective applications increases at a rapid rate. In a few sectors you’ll be lucky enough to just make tea as the employment market is now saturated.

People are so in need of work they will do anything (even for free) just to gain that vital work experience. However it’s a different story if you do have bills and a mortgage to pay!

If you do have enough money to cover urgent payments, you can’t afford to relax, especially if you’ve just been laid off or have been looking for work in the worst economic climate since the Second World War.

You also have to consider the number of graduates qualifying each year which just adds to the countless piles of CV’s, employers have to sift through due to the UK’s saturated job market.

For example just to give you some rough results there are at least 20 applications for every single role in big financial firms which include Accenture and Deloitte.

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The media industry is extremely brutal with up to two or three hundred applications for every role (I have even heard stories of a mammoth seven hundred applicants for just one position!)

Some jobs don’t even get advertised so you really have to be quick off the mark when sending off to a prospective employer.

Yet don’t let this deter you. Perhaps you have had a number of applications ignored? Been to interviews and not quite making the cut? As Winston once wisely said failure is certainly not fatal!

One skill one should possess in order to succeed is courage – to carry on in the face of adversity, although you may have exhausted all avenues because in the end you’ll make it.

Regardless of the current economic slump you will find things you can do to achieve that ideal role or make serious hard cash. Now I’ve grabbed your attention listed here are my pointers to have success in the current climate.

Be Determined

Now I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again…” This will serve you well here.

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Have a list of the companies you want to target and ensure you obtain the most relevant contact name in each firm.

Send a speculative email.

Besides what have you got to lose! They can either respond or not. Once you’ve achieved the direct link follow up with as much correspondence as possible.

This might lead you to arranging an informal meeting. They may not have anything at present but at least they can put a name to a face so they know if something comes up.

The alternative route is to push down as many doors as is feasible, well not literally. Put yourself about, go into places with your details and enquire about job openings. Try to get yourself out there and sell yourself. This is what the self help guide books don’t teach you.

If you have the essential skills and believe in your own ability, (if you don’t who else will?!) then options will come your way. Put into practice what you have done previously and most importantly what you have achieved and how you can add value.

People nowadays are more concerned with the practical experience instead of qualifications in some industries.

Use this to your advantage and most importantly have a positive mental attitude (PMA). This is aspect is particularly key as a recent Metro article cited negative body gestures as an undesirable quality for prospective employers.


This is the current buzzword that’s sweeping through various UK sectors. After all it’s not what you know it’s who you know! This is even truer with the current economic situation where there is a insufficient jobs.

People in truth want to do business with people who they have met and more importantly like. It’s just a simple fact.

The sudden burst of networking companies, breakfast gatherings and evenings is no surprise in the downturn. People want to find more ways of doing business and winning new clients. To do this get yourself along to as many meetings and events as you can and…Network!

The so called elevator pitch is also essential in winning potential new business. Imagine yourself going up in a very quick lift.

As people have limited time you have to get across what you’re about, what you are offering and how other people might benefit by the time they reach the top floor. Got it?

A short sharp personal introduction will go a long way. I hate to coin another phrase (Well I am anyway) but first impressions do count. Business is not simply about transactions but instead is more focused on building relations.

This will stand you in good stead especially if you have been personally highly recommended. If you have performed well for an employer then the chances are they will speak highly of you to other folks.

For that reason this will create lots more opportunities to win clients and earn new business. In essence, the more people you speak to the more prospects you will have of attracting new work. Find out more about 4Networking who run over 250 networking groups throughout the UK and currently has more than 25,000 members!

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

If you really want to make some serious dosh then there has never been a better time to start your own business. A number of people say starting up in a recession has only benefitted them.

There are more bargains to be had especially if you are thinking of buying commercial office space. As asset prices have diminished buildings and properties can sometimes be bought at a knockdown price.

Since the market is saturated and over qualified people out there become increasingly available, you can get highly talented workers at very reasonable rates.

Worried no one will take you seriously as you are a start-up?

Alleviate those fears right now. Even if the market place is incredibly competitive there are always companies looking for new and exciting partnerships, so it’s no harm to be the new kid on the block.

As long as you can approach people with your product or service, show that it’s one-of-a-kind and innovative and why you believe it has superb potential the chances are endless.

By also slightly undercutting your competition but making sure the service or product you offer is still high quality, people will begin to be very interested in you as companies are invariably after a good price. Plus you don’t need any swanky transparent glass office to get started on making your fortune from.

Take for example the fire breathing dragon James Caan who started off in Mayfair out of a room the size of a shoebox. He then went on to start Alexander Mann – one of the leading HR outsourcing companies in the UK with a turnover of £130m. It can be done!

Back to School:

Mastering a new skill is crucial to the sheer numbers of possibilities you may have in making profits and finding potential business opportunities. The more strings you have to your bow the better chance of succeeding.

If you are finding it challenging to land that role for the time being then honing your pc skills or learning a language can do wonders for your job prospects.

Those with IT skills can make some serious money as with modern technology evolving these workers are becoming more in demand and can charge high consultancy fees to boot!

Employers are looking to find people who are really inspired and can add several strings to their bow by way of incorporating several self help guide books skills. By acquiring new abilities this will make you even more appealing to potential people.

From City Boy to Del Boy

You can always start selling a lot of stuff on eBay! It worked out rather well for one chap who didn’t turn out to be such a plonker!

Anthony Ponsford, aged 40, quit his £55,000-a-year job to become an eBay trader and is now set to make his first $1 million as the modern-day Del Boy.

You see what a small amount of courage does?

It has proven extremely worthwhile for the former lawyer after becoming disenchanted with the tough working hours and corporate lifestyle.

Actually he rejected the chance of becoming a law firm partner which would have netted him a cool half a million pounds.

As an alternative, he decided to sell camera and phone memory cards from his bedroom. Marcus Caston, a former university friend, and he started importing furniture from the Far East, including desks and pet beds.

Buying everything from cat scratchers to gazebos, he became a modern-day Del Boy.

As of 2010, Piranha Trading – which sells on Amazon and eBay – is expected to make £1.3 million in sales.

It was my belief that the organization would fold when the pound lost 40% of its value against the dollar. It would seem that it actually self help guide books because people were still thinking about buying items such as computer desks and office furniture, but were now looking for more bargains.” he added.

As a new start up, Ponsford was significantly helped by the credit crunch. The credit crunch helped him find his niche and set him apart.

And with bags of determination he set up his company which is now reaping the financial rewards. Do you think he has the complete Only Fools and Horses box set on offer?

In conclusion if you want to start making profits in this financial turmoil then consider my handy pointers in this article which I am sure will self help guide books you on the way to achieving some of your goals.

There are certain underlying factors which of course we can’t control – luck and timing being two of them.

If you still find it hard going and times are still tricky out there you do have other options available to acquire some immediate cash. I’d propose checking out Payday Power, one of the leading payday loans companies on the market. They can assist with short term cash flow problems and better yet you could probably borrow anything up to £800 to keep you going!

However if you keep persisting, talk to a good amount of people and ensure you distinguish yourself from the pack then opportunities will come your way sooner rather than later. So what are you waiting for?



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