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Firstly need to know what is stress and anxiety:

Stress is the body reaction because of any pressure on your mind, and due to stress, you feel different changes in your body like physically, emotionally and mentally. Nowadays the human life is very fast nobody has time to listen or discuss your problems and it’s really difficult to things come out from your mind, so stress becomes part of today’s life.

According to current research, today’s university students are facing many difficulties because of stress and anxiety. University life is very challenging because there are lots of expectations and responsibilities on student’s shoulders also they are facing loneliness, relationships and also homesickness because the very first time they are far from them. Also, they have a very tough competition in their studies. University students have irregular sleeping schedules, poor diet .continuously they are thinking about the future, regarding their careers, saving money of most important they have a big fair about grades, results and also they have adjustment issues with their fellows and teachers.

Common reactions come from stressful situations.


The developmental or behavioral changes come due to running from the situation, avoiding things so these changes shake the hands with alcohol or drugs, so these things shut your mind and can’t concentrate and it also affects your diet.

·     Physical

It directly attacks your physical health, increases heart issues, tumors, shaking, the flow of blood pressure,

·     Emotional

This situation increases your fear, feeling sympathy, think negative and always something bad feeling in your mind.

Now we will discuss how to deal with academic stress

Find a good friend

Firstly, you need to find a good partner with whom you can talk easily whether it’s your parents, friend, doctor or counselor because if you are feeling full with your problems you need to find a good partner who can listen to you, visit your friend not for advice just for discussion. Ask help with your parents they never give you the wrong path always gives you better or beneficial options.

 Because if you share your problem with someone your half problem becomes solved automatically .we will advise you that you can take professional help with a good psychologist or counselor.

Gyming or exercise

It doesn’t mean that you need proper gym session, you just participate yourself in small physical early morning walk in the fresh air it makes you relax and your mind becomes fresh and boost your energy for, do swimming sessions, bicycling, sports, dancing, yoga. Because after exercise your body releases endorphins, and good hormonal changes and reduces tensions, dissolved your depression, worries and your mind can easily focus on your studies. Exercise plays an important role in your physically and mentally conditions.

Take a break for yourself

In student life there is a lot of burden of studies, always your mind is in working condition, it is very important to take beak for yourself, make outing and fun plans with your friends because of these when you come back you feel more energetic and feeling fresh for your work.

A good and healthy diet

Healthy food is very important for your diet, there are many fruits for boost your immune system, vitamins to make you fresh and help in stress if you always eat junk food it makes your stomach upset it will also effect on your health.

A nutritionist and balanced diet are very helpful for reducing stress, beneficial for your blood flow to reduce toxins and improve your immune functions.

Organize your studies

Make yourself organized for your studies, complete your lessons on time don’t leave them on tomorrow, set time limits and organized your notes keep all submission deadlines on your mind, revise your lessons daily it will help in your exams it will help to reduce your stress.

One task at a time

Don’t put too much task on you in one time, multitasking is good but if you put too much water in 1 glass it will fell, if you have lots of work to do, first make to-do list according to requirements, always do the work first that what you need first, if you make list it will sort itself and become productive for you.

Focused on plans

Many people become stressed that they cannot execute things according to their manage the perfect time use calendars mark dates and calculate the time before anything starts .it will help you to manage plans in advance, if you make a timetable and classified important and not important will help you in studies in advance and things become not stressful.

Think positive

Thoughts put very powerful impact on your health whether is positive thoughts or negative thought, that commonly everyone know that if you do something or think that maybe result will not good it will always bad result because you already set up your mind in will not good, so if you think bad always bad and if you think positive result is always good .everything have two sides negative or positive always try to look positive sides and maybe things seems bad but appreciate yourself that you learned lesson from your mistake.

Stop expecting others

No need to expect with yourself or others. You should be confident in your steps, study decisions, if you expect too much then you cannot get the desired result it will become stress. Sometimes parents make high expectations and sometimes we also expect our result .it makes stress you always think it will not get the expected result how I will face how I will do it makes you depress and your mental condition becomes low, so always work hard and confident for yourself.

Proper sleep

after a busy day when students lay on bed their favorite activity is using their gadgets .and waste too much time on social media sites, calls texting being social is fun but too much is become stress and completely ruin their nighttime routine, six to eight-hour sleep is very important for your health. Try to make a routine to sleep daily on the same time and wake up at the same time. Make yourself relax and sleep properly will reduce your stress level.

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Elena Watson:

Elena Watson has retired from formal education and research in HE but now he is spending time in writing help and research contributions to student use of computers in fieldwork. He is also involved in nursing assignment help online firm of UK to help students by his proficiency. The main aim of this firm is to assist students and take them of from academic stress.



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