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You may have heard how hard it can be to find tattoo supplies, but if you want to get into the “good” tattoo business or even just own your own tattoo studio, it is a must. The truth is, unless you know where to get them, you could spend days or weeks without anything at all. There are some great sources for your tattoo supplies, though. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Older Tattoo Enema Machines

One of the best places to go when looking for new tattoo supplies is online. This is especially true if you’re looking for rare tattoos. Many of the older tattoo enema machines manufactured in Japan, and if you’ve ever researched Japanese tattoo culture, you’ll find that they date back many years. To find great Japanese tattoo supplies, you can visit an online tattoo community. Just type in “nikau” (or “ink”) in your search engine, and you’ll see dozens of results. There are always some great deals to be had, and you never know to you might even stumble upon an ancient tribal dragon or the original artwork for a Koi fish tattoo.

Purchasing Some Tattoo Supplies in bulk

You may be interested in purchasing some tattoo supplies in bulk. If this is the case, try searching for local distributors. You can usually find these and most will ship quickly and cheaply. Sometimes, you’ll find a tattoo artist in your area who will allow you to purchase his supplies in bulk at a discounted price. Usually, this includes old equipment that he no longer uses, but it is still worthen it if you run

out of ink to tatto

Find a local Tattoo Shop

You might be able to find a local tattoo shop with a store that sells tattoo supplies and can create custom orders. This is an option if you need lots of one color, or multiple colors of ink. You can usually find custom orders by calling the tattoo shop and asking if they do them. If they do, they will probably let you know upfront what the cost is and what supplies are needed. You should find out exactly what colors are available before making your purchase, so you don’t waste money ordering something that is not available.

Local Tattoo Parlors and Shops Before Purchasing

You might want to find out more about local tattoo parlors and shops before purchasing from them. Look around in the yellow pages, or do a search on Google for local shops. You’ll likely find a few that do tattoo work, so this should help give you some options. Most shops should have plenty of tattoo supplies available for sale.

You should order all your tattoo supplies from the same place that you purchase your tattoo supplies. If you buy your tattoo materials from multiple sources, chances are you are getting lower quality in exchange for multiple shipping charges. It is definitely better to buy all of your tattoo materials from just one source, or from a reputable store or website that offers fast and free shipping.

The good news is that most tattoo supplies are designing to be used and handled easily at home. You should not have any problems finding replacement tattoo inks, tattoo guns, and other items if they get damaged during the process. You should keep your tattoo supplies in a safe location, where they will not be harmed or kept in a spot where they can easily get dirty. When it comes to tattoos and the skin, you need to protect it as best you can, and this means always keeping it clean.

Tattoo artists are an important part of our community who share a special bond with many people who are interested in tattoos. If you choose to get inked, it is important that you research the artist you will use and feel comfortable with. This will not only make sure that your tattoo will be done properly, but also that you get great results. Make sure you purchase your tattoo supplies from a reputable company and you’ll be very happy with your results.



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