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2019 foreshadowed major shifts in music how the music is played and how it is produced. These shifts will only intensify in the years to come. Over the past years, the music industry has gone through many changes. these changes are:

  1. Songs keep getting shorter

In 2019 the average track length at the top 40 was 3 minutes and 7 seconds. However, this is a whole 30 seconds lesser than the year before this. Hence, music is changing and shortening as now people prefer shorter music. Consequently, people only skipped traditional long pop songs. Hence, they were thrown out of the window. Years before they were the apple of an eye, but now they are not. Now people like to enjoy different types of music when they start listening to it. A single song with a repeating line makes them bored.

If you are thinking that if you should shorten up your music. My answer should be yes. From a business standpoint, it is better to shorten down the length of your music. It will be the smartest compromise you will make. Now, fans are not reading for a long joyride. However, you should never lose hope. Playlist-optimized songs can then hire listeners to your full project. However, do not take such actions if you feel your artistry is being lost. Integrity is most important and you should never let it down.

  • Genres are becoming a thing of the past

Nowadays, the music which is being produced comes out to be a mixture of all genres. People enjoy pop, jazz, and many other genres together being a mixture. Also, folk music is also coming out to be famous. We have seen folk music go from generation to generation. And people are still singing it, the artist is using them with the modernization. Hence, its audience compromises of all age groups. therefore, people love the mixture. Moreover, genres are a thing of the past now. We even enjoy beats with emotional music.

  • Artists are taking more risks

People often care more about culture than the genre. Especially, in hip hop and this is a big indicator of where the music industry is headed.

  • The 80’s are back in full effect

It’s been a long time coming, as we have slowly watched the uptrend of funk. As well as, industrial rooted grooves. This new year will fully embrace the 80’s sonically and aesthetically.

  • Technology is rapidly changing music promotion

The latest technology and gadgets are the hardest to keep up with. We can see new changes in music every day.

Now is the best time to be a musician. Some of the above shifts in music discussed.As the trends can leave you feeling either stressed or optimistic. Hence, it is the best time before the music industry changes more and more.

The music industry

If you are about to start your music career, then you are on the right page! Before entering a music career, you should know your inspiration. Whether your inspired by the industrial music band and you want to pursue it as your career or whether you love the mixture of their pop and rock and likewise, you want to make your own. First, you should know your goals. The path you want to travel on should be clear in front of you. You should not have any double thinking or a thought which is pulling you back. Your thoughts should always push you forward and forward. Second, you should go out there in person, check how things work. Apply for multiple careers, or learn from people working there so you can start your own thing.

Third, find your team. You should look for a team with whom you are comfortable working. Once you start working, your team would be your family. Hence, don’t let your family push you off track thus, choose wisely. The last step after getting all these things is to get yourself together. Now since you have a team and you have learned skills from people, hence now you should start off with what you what. Indeed, you will end up successful.Shifts in music are the not more greater.

These are few music career which might help you pointing out yours:

  1. Music producer

The music producer knows what he wants and how he wants. He is part of both the creative and commercial side of the business. The producers create an environment which every one cherishes, keep in mind you are the one who is making his teamwork, hence you need to show all your excitement and powers. So your team does the same! A producer assists an artist’s recording, works with his music engineer, changes arrangements, balances the recording budget, and much more. He does every work.

If you are thinking about moving into this career, you should learn about foundational audio and music concepts. You need to be aware of all music bases. Start studying various types of software and learn what makes to produce a good sound.

  • Recording engineer

The recording engineer has to capture sound and manipulate it in his studio. He deals with analog, compressor, microphone, and digital audio. As said in his name, he is the engineer of recording. He combines traditional with tech-savvy recording techniques to produce music. He is also responsible for organizing recording sessions and repairing any technical problem.

Before joining this field, you should be well aware of all types of recording technology and be able to perform various acts on stage. Hence, it is not an easy job. It requires a lot of talent for it so if you think you are the talented one then you should jump into this.

  • Session Musician

A session musician backs and performs on another musician’s album or perform with various acts on stage. You have the freedom to roam in different styles, genres, and sounds.

To be a successful session musician, you should be able to step in with confidence in any musical arrangement. You need a lot of practice and consistency to be a session musician


There are many other posts like Artist manager, tour manager, and music teacher.Major shifts in music are discussed above. Being a part of the music industry is not easy, hence it requires a lot of hard work. In the end, hard work pays off.



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