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All Wi-Fi routers, including your existing device or service provider, are compatible with Linksys RE6800 Setup. There is no need to alter your router’s settings while downloading the Linksys Wifi Extender Setup; in fact, you won’t have to touch your router at all. When you connect this computer back in, you’ll be able to leave it unplugged from the network.


The dual-band Linksys RE6800 AC1750 WiFi range extender extends wifi coverage up to 9,000 square feet, allowing you to eliminate dead zones. The extender processes and replicates wireless signals from your present router or connection point, providing limitless internet coverage in any room of your house or office. Furthermore, there is no requirement for a configuration CD while using a Linksys RE6800.


There are two configuration modes for the Linksys RE6800 Setup. The following are examples:


  • Access Point mode with a Wired Range Extender (this allows an Ethernet cable to be linked to your current network)


  • Extender Mode (wireless)


The Linksys Wifi Range Extender works with both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.


Setup Instructions for Linksys RE6800


Setup Wizard, Wps, or Manual are all options for configuring the Linksys RE6800. The setting process in this post will set up a new Extender Setup. First and foremost, ensure that you have a router, an SSID, and a password.


  • Connect the Linksys Wifi Extender (Linksys RE6800) to a power outlet near your router.


  • The extension is not ready for setup until the light glows bright amber.


  • Switch WiFi on any of your WiFi devices, such as your smartphone or computer.


  • You must connect your PC to the Linksys name that appears in your WiFi list by default.


  • In the Address bar or URL of your web browser, put or or


  • The links on the Linksys RE6800 setup page will take you to the box that says “I accept the end-user licence agreement.”


  • It will now ask you whether you want to use the extension as an access point or an extender.


  • To search, you’ll need to select your primary WiFi network and input your password.


  • The Extender will appear on your WiFi network as shown on the Setup page.


  • The extension will take about 60 seconds to connect to your router.


  • The Spot Finder will suggest the optimal location for your Linksys RE6800 to connect.


  • At the desired pace, position your extender away from the Heavy Appliances.


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