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When it is regarding enjoying up some fine Lebanese cuisines, the best restaurants offer few top names specifically known for their quality service, reasonable rates to combine up a great dining experience. There occurs no doubt that Lebanese restaurants assist you with a unique pleasure in dining with friends, family, or with your partner. Few of the Lebanese restaurants within Abu Dhabi even aim to offer a host of entertainment facilities like live music and dancing so as to add to the charm of enjoying some of the phenomenal delicacies. No matter what time of the day you may select to visit, however, be sure that you get the best dining within the Lebanese Restaurant near me.

Dining up at Sajway promises up a memorable experience. The Lebanese restaurant is popular for offering fine Lebanese delicacies and seafood specialties. It assists a huge variety of plates to assist you with true Lebanese-styled dining. When you rely upon the decision of selecting it to satisfy your cravings for good food, you may be sure that here you surely won’t get disappointed. The wide specialties involve fresh grill, brochette, seafood, salads, and meat. The friendly, as well as the warm ambiance, also add to the charm of the terrific flavors that you get to taste here. You need to be charmed with the overall friendly service. The restaurant also offers the guests excellent service and some delightful traditional Lebanese dishes prepared fresh. The specialties involve Fattouch, Taboule, Humus, Filet Mignon, Shrimps, and Shish Taouk. Like the most other popular Lebanese restaurants within Abu Dhabi, the restaurant offers great entertainment options. So, this is definitely one of the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Best Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Shake hands with Sajway since it is Best Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Along with this, you would be able to find the musicians and belly dancers so as to offer great amusements within the crowd. The restaurant provides delicious kebabs that permit you to discover the exotic flavors of the Lebanese grill. The Lebanese Restaurant welcomes the fans to enjoy some Eastern Flavours within a beautiful and friendly ambiance. The restaurant staffs are there to guide you to pick the cuisine if you are not much familiar with the fragrant cuisine. The specialities of the restaurant can be the Merguez, Falafel, Brochettes, Fatouche, Taboule, Humus, Shawarma, Shish Taouk and Grill. You may also find out the entertainment options when you land up over here. You must land up over here since it is one of the best Lebanese Restaurant near me.

The restaurant is also known to serve you some of the best home-styled Lebanese cooking. Some of the best dishes over the menu list may involve chicken, ground meat, stuffed grape, minced lamb, shrimps, filet mignon, and seasoned kebabs. The restaurant also offers great catering services to their guests. Ensure that you watch out for the invasion of Lebanese food. Rich pastries, milk cakes, ground mutton within rice with lots of tomatoes and tabbouleh are among the local favourites’ miles away from the Lebanese soil. The health-conscious troop to the restaurants with these specialties and the number of satisfied patrons keep on increasing. Within a Lebanese restaurant, discover people milling for vegetarian specials. For meat lovers, there is the mutton and beef served up in style and with the tastiest of the flavours. Best Lebanese Restaurant near me assists you with the most amazing food.

Eat mouth-watering food at Best Lebanese Restaurant near me

Also, there is a fish cooked in a special manner that will improve your taste buds. You would desire for same within your next stop. Best Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi caters all your needs in terms of making your day big with delicious food and lovely ambience. For those of the customers who have got a sweet tooth, there are pastries stuffed with walnuts and almonds that would delight even the most persnickety of the old maids. Basically, what is a Lebanese specialty? Every meal occurs out to be a balanced one. Expect a meal is certainly a balanced one. Expect fresh vegetables, stews, and salads. Ask for the Mezze or Maza. You would gladly be having a meal of appetizers, cheeses, olives, and pita bread. This concoction is already a splendid one basically, specifically when downed with a bottle of Muskar White.

Aside from the fusion of multiple spices that produce up the distinctive as well as delightful dishes, the cook is a friendly fellow who does not run out of stories to tell while he shows off rows of bottled pickles, olives, nuts, grain, herbs, and spices and piquant cheeses made through the goat’s milk. The cuisine does not emphasize its focus upon the sauces however on herbs and spices. That creates food different from a host of other cuisines. These are basically boiled for soup stock, excess meat is ground and even the surplus bread is toasted and recreated to reappear in an exciting new dish. Nothing gets wasted within the Lebanese Kitchen. So, you need not worry about anything when you come up at Sajway for it is the Best Lebanese Restaurant near me.



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