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A shared hosting plan is a web hosting solution where many different websites live on a single web server linked to the Internet. This is usually the cheapest option for large-scale web hosting, since the cost of server maintenance amongst all users is shared. This also offers the greatest flexibility for site owners and administrators because they have greater control over the sites they own and manage, and because the server administrator only has to maintain a fraction of the servers. But a problem with this type of web hosting is that it’s not secure enough to host high traffic websites.


Security is a big issue for everyone, whether you’re a business owner or an Internet shopper. When you shop on the Internet, your credit card details and other personal information are passed along to unscrupulous Web sites which then proceed to charge your accounts on an ongoing basis. If a business website falls victim to a cyber attack, the results can be catastrophic, causing financial and even customer loss. However, there’s no need for small businesses and Internet shoppers to put their confidence in shared hosting services.

Dedicated servers are often used by big companies and online retailers which have several websites which run at the same time. With shared hosting, website owners share the cost of maintaining multiple servers with other users, which can quickly increase the price of running a website. With dedicated hosting, you can choose a secure server which has its own power generation, ventilation systems, firewalls, and other security measures. Dedicated server websites also offer the freedom to choose your own software platform, so you can install your choice of applications.

largest Internet service providers:

Some of the largest Internet service providers (ISP) use shared hosting plans for many of their websites. One such company, BTCC, offers unlimited domain names and broadband at a rate of $1.50 per month. A huge range of Internet resources. Such as e-mail, bandwidth, memory, processing, and databases are available to any user who uses a BTCC shared hosting account. If you want to use a free web hosting plan. But you want more, or if your budget is limited, you won’t find an Internet company that offers dedicated servers.

For small websites, it is usually best to use shared hosting. Shared server resources make it easier to handle your website. If you only need one server to host your personal blog. Then you will probably not want to pay for a dedicated IP address and therefore won’t need the benefits of dedicated server resources. You can still get everything you need out of your shared hosting account. Such as unlimited email accounts. A website with a custom domain, unlimited hosting options. A control panel, and much more. As you add more content to your site. You will only pay for server resources when your site grows in size.

control panels:

Most shared hosting plans also offer control panels. Which make it easy to keep track of the resources on each of your servers. This helps you to determine what needs to be added to each of your websites and also helps you to fix problems more quickly. Managed server services might not be available from every shared hosting company. So you might have to find a third party control panel for your site. Once you have chosen your managed service. However, you can save even more money by taking advantage of tools that help you maximize the performance of your servers.

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You should take advantage of any free resources that are offered by your shared hosting company. There may be some resources that you don’t need to use. But they can free up a lot of memory on your server. Your server resources are not completely exhausted until you have used all of the storage space that is available from the shared hosting company. There are several features that control panels usually include that will free up even more memory. Including programs like cPanel and Plesk.


One of the best ways to improve your cPanel shared hosting presence is to learn how to build a backup. Many shared hosting providers provide cPanel with an automatic backup. That allows website owners to create and restore their own backup. However. There is no guarantee that your backups will be accurate.

To ensure that your backups are accurate. You should upload them to your own cPanel account. By backing up your data. You will be able to restore your data in the case of data loss or server crash. By choosing a dedicated server. You can ensure that your website and all of your personal and business information is well protected.



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