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You can upgrade your Asus laptop by checking if the components are soldered. Once you’re sure they’re smooth, you can buy remanufactured parts online. The best way to find out about your laptop upgrade options is through Asus Support.

Before buying parts online to replace your laptop components, you should first contact Asus support and check if your laptop can be upgraded. This avoids optional problems like voiding the laptop warranty and exposing the internal structure of the laptop.

Also, Asus will recommend components for you if you want to start upgrading your Asus Laptop. If Asus doesn’t have parts available for your laptop, you can follow this link which lists various Asus laptop models with their fixed components (like RAM, SSD, and HDD).

How To Upgrade the Memory of Your Asus Laptop?

Fortunately, Asus understands the needs of its customers and the need to upgrade their long-lasting laptops. ROG STRIX has been updated for users.

Of course, before you start disassembling the laptop, you should first prepare the necessary tools for the process.

Material Required:


  • 0 Phillips screwdriver
  • Plastic that is thin (like a guitar pick)
  • Components You Need to Upgrade Your Laptop’s Memory Make sure it is compatible with your Asus laptop model.


  1. Gather the tools needed to open the laptop and prepare the spare parts.
  1. Place the laptop on a soft surface to avoid damage. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew all the screws on the bottom of the case.
  1. Please note that all pins have the same structure, so we recommend that you place them in a large enough coin tray or tray to minimize damage.
  1. You may find a patch that cannot be removed. Don’t panic, it’s part of the laptop’s design. This screw can be applied in such a way that users can easily access the inside of the Laptop.
  1. Once it is far enough away, you can proceed to open the bottom panel of the laptop sleeve (the screw is still attached).
  1. If you can’t remove part of the case after breaking the big screws, take whatever thin plastic you have and peel off the bottom panel. Use an upward and forward motion until there are no more clicks. Turns out the clips were undone.
  1. When done continue moving the thin plastic pieces around the box until you lift the repaired lid.
  1. Lay out the splice board, being careful not to damage the many strips you see inside. These ribbon cables are for RGB laptop lighting, so be careful!

To remove the ribbon cables, bring them to the connector on the circuit board and press down on a thin piece of plastic to lift the mechanism that holds it in place. Once this is done, you can properly disconnect the cables from their connectors.

  1. Make sure to disconnect the battery before replacing the laptop components. Complete this step by tracing the battery cables back to their sockets on a separate circuit board. Then slide back the metal plate and remove the connector from the socket.
  1. If you are running a saved update, you are lucky because this step is already done. Most Asus ROG laptops have a second SSD slot below the slot, so all you have to do is unscrew the M.2 screw, put the SSD at an angle, slide it up, and tighten the M.2.
  1. If you are adding memory or RAM, locate the area under the heat shield in the centre of the motherboard. Peel off the stickers to reveal your laptop’s current memory (not all).
  1. There are two metal levers on either side of the RAM, pull to remove the RAM from the slot.
  1. After removing the old RAM, take the new RAM card and insert it into the RAM slot at an angle, pressing the side of the tab until it snaps into place. Replace the heat shield and the procedure is complete.
  1. Before closing the bottom panel of the laptop make sure that there is no dirt inside, in that case, make sure to clean the dust. Then, you can connect the battery and ribbon cable to the correct outlet. Close the bottom panel making sure the clips are in place and the screws are tight.


  1. The last step is to boot your ROG laptop. Check if your RAM is installed correctly by going to your laptop’s Memory Reporter armoury crate.

Suppose your RAM upgrade is 64 GB and the program shows only 32 GB, which indicates that your RAM is not inserted correctly.

For SSDs, you can check them through Windows Explorer, but you’ll most likely need to initialise and format them. You can start this process by clicking the Start menu, searching for “Disk Management” and opening the application.

Find and select the new storage controller from the list. Right-click and click the Start button, then right-click again to reset the simple volume. When the process is finished, you’ll see a new Storage Control in Windows Explorer.

If you have trouble starting your laptop, you can contact Asus Support for help setting up your ROG laptop, where they can install the necessary updates for you. (Available in some countries) Always contact them if you need help with your laptop.

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