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Before buying a used car, it is advisable to know as much as possible about the vehicle that interests us. This includes knowing if the car is written off and, if so, knowing the possible reasons.

A reliable and safe way to know if a car has been canceled or to check the cancellation of a vehicle is through the AUTOFORTRADE vehicle Report. This Vehicle Report can be requested online and, in addition to including information on whether a car is deregistered, if you intend to buy a Toyota Camry for sale in the UK you can also find technical information about the vehicle such as dimensions, weight, car tire size, etc.

The AUTOFORTRADE Report details the date as well as the place of the first registration and, in some cases, if the car has been stolen or if it has been scrapped either in UK or in another country.

Another way to check the cancellation of a vehicle is to go personally to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and request a report on the status of the car in question. This report will include the date of registration of the vehicle in the UK and the name of the last owner of the car, if it has gone through the last MOT, including date and result, and if it has any pending embargo or fine.

In the same way, it will be possible to know if the vehicle has been canceled and, if so, the reason and the name of the person who has canceled it. To request this report, it is necessary to fill in this form with the registration number of the car in question and pay a fee of approximately 8 euros.

The advantage is that, through the AUTOFORTRADE Report, you will be able to obtain information referring to 19 countries, while the DGT report is limited to UK.

Thanks to the fact that at AUTOFORTRADE we also handle data from the corresponding ministries in each country, it is possible through the VIN (vehicle identification number) or chassis number to track from one country to another using data that we receive from different countries.

What does it mean for a car to be decommissioned?

There are two ways to cancel a car, the temporary cancellation and the permanent cancellation.

Final discharge

The definitive deregistration is carried out when a car will no longer be used due to its age or if it is going to be transferred to another country.

Temporary leave

The temporary cancellation is requested after having sold a car, having it stolen or for personal reasons. To request the temporary cancellation of your vehicle, it is necessary to go to the Traffic Headquarters of the province in which you have your residence or in the one in which the car was registered.

The documentation that you must submit to request the cancellation of a car permanently or temporarily is more or less similar:

The unsubscribe request

ITV card

The driving license

Payment of fee of 8.30 euros

In the event that the vehicle has been stolen then the fee must not be paid, but the complaint must be presented.

How to register a car temporarily deregistered?

In order to register a car that was temporarily canceled, it will be necessary to follow the following steps:

1. The first thing to do is fill out the DGT application in detail and attend the corresponding Traffic Headquarters (prior appointment) with the following documentation:

Photocopy of the DNI or NIE of the interested party.

Payment of a fee of € 8.30 (except in the event that the vehicle has been canceled due to theft).

ITV card.

Document that certifies the temporary withdrawal of the same.

If the car has been canceled due to theft, you must present the vehicle recovery certificate.

If it is an agricultural vehicle, you must present the registration certificate in the agricultural vehicle registry of your autonomous community.

In the event that the car is to change ownership, you must also bring all the documentation of the sale.

2. Pass an ITV: After you have submitted the application and payment, you will receive a letter to bring the vehicle to the ITV. If the ITV is favorable, you will receive the driving license in approximately one week.

How to Register a Permanently Deregistered Car?

To register a car permanently deregistered it is necessary that the vehicle deregistration date has been made before the first plan. Cars permanently deregistered after February 2004 cannot be registered again.

If you want to register a car that has been permanently canceled, you must:

1. Fill in the DGT rehabilitation application and submit, by appointment, the following documentation at the Traffic Headquarters:

Original ID and photocopy (in case you are the owner).

In the event that the holder is another person, they must present ID and a document that proves the change of holder.

2. Pay the rehabilitation fee which is approximately € 96 for vehicles and € 27 for mopeds (payment in cash is not allowed).

3. Pass the ITV: After having submitted the application and payment, you will receive a letter within a month to bring the vehicle to the ITV. The circulation permit will arrive a week after having passed the ITV.



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