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Traveling from one location to the other can be a painstaking process if you don’t know the trick. The game map is massive, and the game doesn’t offer any mounts for now, so the need for a new way to fast travel around the map arises. From the looks of it, this fast travel system may look simple, but deep down, it’s complicated.

This method involves fast travel shrines that are scattered around the map, and you have to visit them first to activate them. The New world game is all about quests, and these quests require you to travel from one location to other. Here is the ultimate fast travel guide so you can effortlessly move across the map and save some time to spend it doing more quests.

Fast Travel Map

Before answering the question of how you can travel in the New World, you need to learn about Fast travel locations on the game map to unlock them in the first place. To enjoy the true essence of the game and finish all the side quests in the game, traveling on foot across the map is the best option. You will become familiar with the game and activate all the fast travel shrines on your adventure.

The game doesn’t show you the location of these fast-travel shrines until you activate them by yourself, and this makes it difficult for you to find them. But there is a catch; below is a map with markings that indicates the locations of these holy shrines. If you are nearby them, you can easily find them as there is a light beam coming from shrines that goes towards the sky. When you activate a shrine, the beam color will change from red to blue, indicating that you can use it whenever you want.

How do fast travel?

Fast travel is one of the best features of the New World, through which you can reach anywhere on the map in the blink of an eye. Compared to similar MMORPG games, the fast travel system of New World is a little bit different because you can’t just fast travel by walking into a holy shrine.

The game currently offers two methods of traveling across Aeternum, and they are given below.

  • Using Azoth
  • Recalling to an Inn

The first method is the main traveling method, but it uses Azoth, and you have the option to all the activated holy shrines as well as settlements, but you need to visit a holy shrine first to use this method. The cost may change depending on your current faction level and the weight of your character, as well as the distance between the starting and the end point of your journey. Azoth isn’t available for sale, and you have to collect them manually, but you still need new world gold for various other tasks.

With the second traveling method, you can quickly spawn at a settlement, but you are limited to one journey through this method in one hour. You can get back to an Inn that you have already visited and have to manually visit an Inn first to use this method next time. It doesn’t matter where you are on the map in the case of the second traveling method, as you will immediately reach the desired Inn. 

Leveling up your character or attributes doesn’t give you a discount on Azoth traveling, but there is a discount for members of a specific faction only. Go to the map and zoom out to view the icon which indicates the gold settlement on the map. Click on your destination on the map, and the fast travel pop-up will appear on the right side of the screen. You can choose between spending azoth or recalling to an Inn traveling options from the pop-up.

How to get Azoth in New World?

To get Azoth in New World, you need to complete the “Commitment to the cause” quest first, which basically means that you have to complete some quests from your current faction. If everything goes according to the plan, you will receive these quests at the start of the game, and you can finish them in a short time. The reward for these quests includes in-game currency.

When you complete this quest, you will get Azoth as a reward for completing some quests from time to time. No matter how hard you try, you will use the Azoth method most of the time, so you should work on collecting Azoth as soon as you complete the quest.

If you have level twenty or higher-level enemies, they will also randomly drop Azoth as a reward which means high-level players won’t have a problem collecting Azoth. For those who have leveled up to level twenty or higher, they can also go to the corrupted breaches to farm Azoth.

There is a perk in the game named Azoth extraction perk, which increases your chances of getting one Azoth when using gathering tools. Go to a tier 2 workshop on the map and craft a tool while the azoth extraction perk is equipped. Gather materials, including iron, flint, steel, orichalcum, and star metal, to create these tools. For some tools, you need wood and leather, so the best approach is to gather as many materials as you can before finally crafting these tools.

When you craft these tools, you now have better chances of getting the azoth extraction perk which is a pretty good deal. Alternatively, you can spend fifteen Azoth to increase your chances of getting a tool with this perk. The second method doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a tool even after you have used Azoth which is pretty rare in the game. Save your time and buy these crafting items from the market with gold. In case you need more gold, buy it from

You should spend Azoth carefully as getting them is pretty tough. Harvest the blight root to get Azoth oil special resource, which guarantees you access to the Azoth extraction perk.

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