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If you are living in the United Arab Emirates then, you have heard different ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Pest control Dubai services use potent mosquito killers. The mosquito repellents are available at shops or online stores for mosquito control, but these repellents are not completely efficient. There are some good traps etc which are used to repel the mosquitoes from your home.

So, you are planning on spending some quality time outside in your yard or your garden. You look forward to sitting there in the evening, enjoying the breeze and the cool weather, but alas! Here come mosquitoes ruining your outdoor party with their buzzy noise and painful bites. You can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to these pests every year!

But before you start panicking about how to get rid of mosquitoes, let’s see if we can try and understand why they are so difficult to deal with. After all, knowing what makes them tick is one way of getting ahead of them by learning more ways on how to kill mosquitoes. Moreover, after then you will be able to decide whether to call a pest control Dubai service or not.

Where do mosquitoes breed?

Mosquitoes lay eggs that hatch into larvae that grow into pupae. The larvae are aquatic creatures that live in water, where they breathe through a siphon tube. After becoming an adult, the male mosquito does not feed on blood but only mates with the female mosquitoes to reproduce. These pesky little buggers need to have access to fresh water for laying eggs that is why they are most commonly found near large bodies of water or puddles and can also breed inside man-made containers like buckets, cups, flowers vases, old tires, drain pipes, etc.

How do mosquitoes spread diseases?

Mosquitoes are usually dark-colored insects with long six legs and wings covered in scales. Female mosquitoes need human or animal blood to lay healthy eggs while the males survive on nectar. When the female mosquito bites an infected person, it transmits the disease-causing viruses to another human with its next bite. Not only that, but mosquitoes can even spread diseases like dengue fever, malaria, and Zika without biting.

Efficient ways to prevent mosquitoes 

Here are some efficient ways as described by the pest control UAE services to prevent mosquitoes from an infestation in your house.

Steaming water

Steaming water is one of the best effective methods adopted by pest control UAE services that can help you prevent mosquitoes around the corners of your home. Steamers kill germs and bacteria with high-temperature steam, so it is efficient for removing insects too. Keep a steamer ready by filling water in its tank and switching on this machine until you find all mosquitoes have been removed. More about Chris Perez net worth

Essential Oils

Another method told by pest control Dubai professionals is to keep your home free from insects is by using essential oils. Eucalyptus, citronella, and lavender are the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes near your house. You can use a spray, oil, or candles for keeping the mosquito away from your area. These mosquito repellents work efficiently for a long time if applied properly.  

You can spray these oils as you like onto your body or clothes to prevent the mosquitoes from attacking you. But remember, essential oils are not safe for pregnant ladies.

Mosquito nettings

Mosquito nettings are another simple way stated by pest control UAE services and are also available in the market. These nettings help in covering large areas without allowing any insects inside them to fly around you while sitting outside at night. Many farmers cover their farm animals with nets to keep them safe from an infestation of insects or other harmful animals.

Electronic pest repellers

Electronic pest repellers are another efficient method for killing mosquitoes and flying insects. You should plug this device into an electric socket and switch it on to see its result. 

Mosquito catching traps

Finally, there is also large-sized mosquito catching traps available in the market which can be used for outdoor purpose where people go out frequently. If there is a water-filled container around your house then, mosquitoes will come across it and get drowned inside this container thus reducing their reproduction rate. 



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