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The best basis for starting to lose weight is motivation. Even if you have top trainers, a calculated BMI, and a compiled menu just for you, you can’t do anything without a huge taste and effort. You will get a lot of information on how to gain and maintain your motivation to lose weight. But how do they work in practice? First, let’s look at the theory, then we will advise you on specific examples.


Motivation is an inner motive that stimulates a person’s actions. It is that drives us forward. It can be activated by various stimuli, either external or internal. Motivation is also closely related to human performance. A motivated athlete is more efficient and more focused on achieving a certain goal.

Internal motivation – the result of human needs and interests (self-realization, feeling of satisfaction).

External motivation – is determined by the action of external stimuli (swimsuit season, the possibility of reward, etc.).

Specific examples of external and internal motivation

Motivation is essential in exercise. Most people start with sports in general, not because they want to, but rather because they feel they should. This is an external motivation. An example is the crowded gyms to burst at the beginning of the New Year. You train simply because it is expected of you, or you have made an annual resolution. But this is wrong!

We should first find the reason why we want to start sports in our heads. T series starts working internal motivation. It is essential to say what we want to do, what sport we would enjoy, and whether we really want to run it regularly. If this idea already evokes a pleasant feeling in you, then it is a good start.

One of the most significant rules is that we should not do sports or exercise that we do not enjoy. Why spend hours in the gym when we are uncomfortable with the company of others? Exercises on the abdomen from the comfort of home, for example, can bring the same effect.

Which motivation is better?

Internal motivation is the most important thing for the beginning and subsequent perseverance of your fitness activity. So, as mentioned above, compare it nicely in your head. However, the ideal variant is a combination of both motivations together. Use external stimuli and create from motivation the driving engine and habit and joy and fun for yourself.

How to keep motivated

  • Set a gradual and realistic goal (tracking subsequent results will drive you forward).
  • Choose the intensity of movement suitable for you (if you start playing sports, choose a slower pace than you will do more regularly and for longer).
  • Get inspired by your surroundings (motivational videos, the movement for two, or keeping a training diary will help you).
  • Reward yourself (How about a healthy pancake or pancake for dinner?).

Six motivational tips from practice

Engage social networks

Undoubtedly, social networks have several negatives, but on the other hand, you can also use them to your advantage. All you have to do is brag about them to your friends that you have decided to lose weight – and even better if you keep adding posts about how your efforts are doing.

Get dressed

Experts have found that the mere fact that you wear sportswear will stimulate your appetite for exercise and sports. Your training will be all the more intense because you will see yourself as an athlete.

Remember that feeling

Endorphins washed out during exercise have huge motivating power—people who maintain a pleasant feeling after a workout more often and with greater intensity.

Start exercising instead of exercising.

The word exercise arouses stress and duty in most of the population. While in sports, you will instead remember the game, free time, joy, and challenge.

Bet on positive motivation

Do you look at your belly fat in the mirror every day and curse yourself for not being fit yet? Error! Instead, you should focus on positive motivation and imagine, for example, how pleasant it will be when you don’t breathe on the way to the bus. It also helps to get the best result in bed or get some pills like Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 to cure your erection.

Set specific but realistic goals

It’s better to work for something than for nothing. Attention! Unrealistic goals could demotivate you.

Finding and maintaining long-term motivation to exercise is a virtually lifelong challenge for many people. Don’t rush. It is not a task for a week or a month, but a mission that will change your life. Think comprehensively. Look for healthy recipes, play sports with a smile, and don’t forget to regenerate. This is where your journey to happiness begins.



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