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If you are approaching the term landing page for the first time and you do not know exactly what it means, this term means a landing page, that is, a web page created in such a way that a user can request information about a particular product or service. The landing page is created with the aim of converting the user into a lead or contact.

Why are landing pages important?

Through the landing page there is a high possibility of increasing the user’s conversion probability. Furthermore, the user, through the useful information that he can retrieve from your landing page, will feel more involved and this is the reason why the probability that the user becomes a customer during this phase are very high.

The landing page is composed of several elements that differentiate it from other web pages, to create an effective and successful landing page, two important factors must be taken into consideration: the design of the landing page and the contents that you are going to insert within it. Creating a landing page without paying attention to these two factors can be counterproductive.

The elements to consider for an effective landing page

Below, we are going to list those that are the most important elements and which for this reason must not be absolutely neglected.

Effective title

Well yes! The title is the first factor to take into consideration: this must be clearly visible and with a direct message. Remember that the title is the first element that attracts the attention of a user like there’s site Children book illustration and that is why, when choosing, you must pay particular attention to it.

Bet on the text

The text in general should never be long: imagine reading a web page with a long and uninvolving text: we are sure that, after a few minutes you would leave the page! To prevent this from happening, it is essential to focus on writing a short text that contains information about the product or service you offer, any benefits and why your offer is better than the others.

The importance of the Call to Action

The user has read the text and is interested in your services. In order for a user to be able to contact you or become a customer, it is essential that you enter a call to action: through this, you will invite your users to act, for example by subscribing to your newsletter or by purchasing your product, an invitation to contact you to find out more.

Focus on design and usability

The design of the landing page is another factor to consider: this will have to be simple, designed in such a way as to focus attention on what you are offering. The page layout should be neat and well organized.

Pay attention to the colors

Never forget this aspect: our advice is to use simple and above all clear colors. Banned dark colors that could make reading unattractive.

Through these tips we are sure that you will get a good clear and informative page so that your landing page will be very successful.



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