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In this article you will get to know all about SEO proposals.

It is an intermediate guide of how you can show business value of SEO proposal to your clients. As you know, the value of SEO proposal matters a lot these days. In SEO proposal, you propose your client the solutions of his business which can be resolved by SEO.

It is a very good practice to bring up the businesses that have been chocked somewhere due to some reasons. With your help of search engine optimization, the rank of the page of client may become higher.

Once rank gets high, there will be a definite increase in organic traffic.

So, with the good SEO proposal, you can solve the complex problems of not only the client, but you can earn a handsome money as well.

We will focus on some important points that you should consider before giving SEO proposal to client.

Those points will elaborate that how you can satisfy your client in terms of return of investment ROI, and what need to be done to impress the client.

Important Factors To Consider Before Forecasting Business Value Of SEO Proposal:

Do you want to win a business? Do you want to earn the trust of client?

If yes, then you are at right place because we are going to discuss everything that you need to know before sending SEO proposal regarding business of a client.

The first question of the client would probably about return of his investments and the profits he will earn after getting your SEO services.

To improve the value of SEO proposal, you need to get your homework done before you give that answer. In fact, you cannot give the answer of this question if you don’t know about the critics of his business deeply.

So, here the factors that lead you to give an appropriate answer.

What Does SEO Have To Do With Sales?

If you want to earn a business, you have to satisfy your client about the value of SEO in his business. Make it clear to the client that you would not be earning direct money for your client, but he should believe that SEO can ultimately increase the revenue of his business.

Direct improvements that you will be providing to your client would be in the keywords and the organic traffic.

You can hunt the exact keywords after knowing the trends of the business of your client. You should have a deep insight in his business.

Search about the demand and supply scenarios of the product. Note that whether the whole industries of that product is fluctuating or only your client’s business is affected.

What is the status of the client’s business in the market?

Either it has a considerable share or it is under growth yet? Recommend the key words according to the trend of the market, value of SEO proposal largely depends on it.

Competitor Analyses for Keywords Affecting Growth:

Value of SEO proposal largely depends on the analyses of overlapping and non over lapping keywords. Make the client understand that growth of his business is directly proportional to analysis of the keywords.

Setting appropriate keywords is not enough, you need to analyze their progress too. For example, if your and some other competitors are selling same product with an overlapping keyword, it can decrease your rank in SERP.

You can sell the same product with different keywords.

Client may be resistive to this step as he may does not bother about competitors, but you have to convince him through actual facts and figures that overlapping matters a lot when it comes to SEO.

Moreover, SE may give to higher ranks for alternative availability of product. This strategy will also help in exploring the domain of business. You can avoid the decrease in rank by following alternative keywords.

Status Of Client’s Business:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, to make the business value of SEO proposal effective, you need to have a deep study of client’s business.

Observe the performance of business and compare it with the market shares.

You would get an idea about the competency of your client’s business. What is the percentage market share of his business, and how far his product can excel in the market? Do not claim the growth if you don’t see such potential in the product.

If the share or your client is less but he is offering the same product with more or less quality difference, then changing the keywords according to top business can make huge difference.

There is always a room for improvement, and if that leading business makes a mistake somewhere, then there should be an alternative for the people to consider it.

Budget Analysis:

It is a very critical factor to consider. As your agency has to charge the client along with the growth of client’s business, better services can produce large revenues for both entities. With mature discussions with the client, estimate the money he can spend on SEO, and compare your charges according to international standards.

You can take example of Google ads that how much they are paying and they charge the client according to that.

Your value of SEO proposal will be considered according to your charge also.

And in case, you cannot demand the whole amount you wanted, you can postpone it until the business gets some progress.

After that, you will be in a position to put your demands in front of your client.

Track Your Progress:

After observing, analyzing, and suggesting your ideas, the job will still not be completed. You need to track your progress whether the decisions made were right or they need an alteration.

Your progress may not go as per the plan. Key performance indicator may help you in setting goals and tracking them. Your preference may need a change due to seasonal nature of the product.

Or may be a factor like lock down in critical conditions like Covid-19 can affect the proposed task. Keep an eye on the work and renegotiate if necessary.


Value of SEO proposal is very high in refreshing and exploring the businesses.

For a better proposal to increase the businesses value of a client, you need to focus on the above mentioned factors.




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