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Did you know that research shows that about 90% of people experience neck pain at some point in their lives? Although this is a common complaint, it is sometimes difficult to determine where the pain is occurring.

Sometimes the pain in one part is transferred to another part of the body; for example, if the neck is painful, sometimes the pain is felt in the head, arms, or legs. So that it spreads further where it takes root, fortunately, neck pain physical therapy can help you relieve the pain, and in many cases, it can eliminate the pain.

Benefits of neck pain physical therapy:

Neck pain physical therapy focuses on the structures that support the spine, including tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. Your treatment will include active and passive forms of physical therapy to achieve optimal relief and function and prevent future injuries.

Active neck pain physical therapy usually involves specific exercises, stretches, and adjustments to completely control or relieve pain. In some cases, hydrotherapy may be recommended because the buoyancy of water can reduce the pressure on the cervical and lumbar spine.

Passive physiotherapy includes various methods such as massage, ice, and hyperthermia, ultrasound, or electrotherapy. Neck pain physical therapy is used to relieve pain and relax muscles. Ice therapy or heat therapy can help reduce swelling and pain and increase blood flow.

Electrotherapy: In electrotherapy, electrical impulses are sent to sensory nerves to change pain signals. It is a slight warmth that relieves pain and relaxes muscles.

Where do I start?

Before starting neck pain physical therapy, a physical therapist will perform a physical examination to determine the root cause of neck pain. Next, a strength test will be performed, and a goniometer can be used to measure your range of motion. Finally, perform certain tasks to determine its functional mobility.

Spinal motion is also measured by palpation to identify painful or tight muscles. In addition to your symptoms, the therapist will also evaluate your complete medical history to determine the type and severity of your disease. Finally, your physical therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan to correct the cause of your neck pain and provide relief.

What is my treatment plan?

Neck pain may have different causes. This is why our professional physiotherapists will take the time to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Causes of neck pain are:

Elongation and deformation. It is not uncommon for athletes to sprain and strain their neck or back during exercise.

Sudden Injury: Sudden neck injuries, such as sports accidents or whiplash, can cause neck pain.

The posture is wrong.

Herniated intervertebral disc. When the jelly-like substance of the intervertebral disc protrudes or oozes out, a herniated disc occurs.

Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the “wear and tear” of small joints, which cause friction when they bend. It can also squeeze nerve roots, which can cause sciatica.

Why choose physical therapy early for neck pain?

  1. Improve your safety without worrying about further injury.

Pain can cause you to avoid activities for fear of causing more injury. After a thorough examination, your physical therapist will develop a care plan that suits your needs and goals to:

  • To relieve and control your pain.
  • Safely improve exercise, function, and quality of life.
  • Recover from injuries and avoid future injuries.

Physical therapists often work with other members of your medical team to ensure the best care.

  1. Stay physically active to avoid the costs and potential risks of surgery and prescription opioids.

When injury or pain occurs, our body enters a defense mode to a new question.

To eliminate most causes of pain, it is important to keep moving. An active lifestyle that suits your condition can help control symptoms and reduce or eliminate pain. A physical therapist will help you:

  • To deal with your pain.
  • Sets realistic expectations for recovery.
  • Assign exercises that suit your conditions, needs, and goals.
  1. Recover as Soon as Possible

Those seeking care inside weeks of damage or onset of ache can also require much less care. In addition to treating your ache, your bodily therapist will assist you higher recognize your signs and symptoms and offer techniques to manipulate your ache and recovery as quickly as your situation allows.

  1. Avoid Other Problems Caused via way of means of Chronic Pain

When ache lingers, we can also additionally expand new motion styles to keep away from it. As a result, you could expand extra problems that require extra effort and time to deal with and reverse. Problems that could expand include Stiffness. Loss of power and endurance. Increased sensitivity to and frequency of ache. Seeing a physical therapist on the onset of ache can also additionally save you from turning into chronic.

Why choose us for neck pain physical therapy?

No matter what the cause of neck pain is, physical therapy can help. When your pain subsides, immediately contact JAYNE HYDUK MED SPA to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced and caring physical therapists. Pain dominates your life-seek help today to relieve your condition and live a comfortable life again.



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