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You will learn one of the most practical logo makers in this post. DesignEvo provides a set of simple logo design tools that can be used quickly even if you are not a designer. There is a reason for choosing this software. It has many built-in templates. More than 10,000 templates can be used to set if you want to make a small design, such as restaurant catalogs, rooms, web pages, business cards. It takes simple steps to produce your logo quickly. This software allows you to save money, and you can do it yourself. And if you don’t like it, you can change the picture at any time. Change the words, you can set a lot of pictures, you can change it until you are pleasing to your eyes, and there is no need to communicate back and forth with the designer.

Most people who need to design a logo have some pain points. First, they can’t design, in cases like software operation is unfamiliar or no software, and the second is no inspiration and no idea what they want. DesignEvo provides 10,000+ logo templates, three simple steps to create a unique logo design. In other words, there are so many templates for your reference, and many materials can be freely replaced. If it is not too unique and ingenious, basically, this set of software still meets the needs.

How to make a logo for free with DesignEvo?

First, go to the DesignEvo and register an account

After accessing the website homepage, click the “Sign-up button above.

On the registration/login screen, DesignEvo can quickly log in using Google and Facebook, which is very convenient, and there is no need to remember a bunch of long account passwords. It’s pretty good.

After logging in, the interface of DesignEvo after logging in is also very simple. Just press the button Make a Free logo start making your own logo.

Secondly, select a logo from 10,000 logo templates

In the first place, you can find inspiration from the side categories and choose the feeling that is close to what you want. There are many templates in it. The designer has adjusted each template.

If there is no classification concept, you can also use the function of Search Template on the left. For example, if you look for podcast, there are a lot of podcast logo designs. It is really a natural inspiration for the template.

Thirdly, edit the logo template you have chosen.

DesignEvo prepares many useful small editors for you to customize your logo to make it unique. For instance, you can change the logo text font, reset the logo colors, add or replace the icon or shape.

Finally, preview and download the logo.

Your logo can be previewed at any time, and you can control when it is actually applied. Also, to getting your logo, you can press the Download button on the design interface to jump to downloading screen. You can download a 300X300 (pixel) JPG and PNG file for free.


From a layman’s perspective, DesignEvo is convenient, and it is almost painless to get started. There are not too many difficult settings, and no programming is required. It can be done almost by moving the mouse from beginning to end. On the other hand, Choose your preferences, especially for those who are completely uninspired. Outsourcing requires communication. It is difficult to avoid unpleasantness. It is better to have a DIY design and find inspiration because there are too many templates.




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