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All the soft skills that you can assign to yourself can be mentioned in your CV. However, some of them have greater impact than others. We will find out which ones and why. Nowadays, recruiters take these human qualities into account to make sure that they hire the best candidates.


This year will be punctuated by the Coronavirus epidemic and therefore by sometimes unexpected changes in the professional sphere. In this unstable period, flexibility or adaptability in the face of changing situations is a crucial soft skill for a candidate. Recruiters will be looking for profiles who can adapt to any type of situation. Why? An adaptable candidate has a sense of priorities and is not unsettled by changes and unforeseen events. Its performance and productivity will not be impacted. A real plus for the company in these times of crisis. But even if this pandemic hopefully comes to an end, this soft skill will remain very useful. To make sure that the recruiter notices it, create your cv online by choosing the best CV template.

Problem Solving

This is an important soft skill because your ability to solve complex problems first proves your capacity to identify a problem and perceive its complexity. It also assumes a good analytical skill, an ability to find solutions – through identified key resources. And above all, it shows that you are able to make decisions to implement the action plan. In the business world, professionals often encounter problems and unforeseen events. The best ones never lose their way. On the contrary, they challenge themselves to find the best solutions at the right time.


A source of innovation, creativity is the main skill of start-ups: it allows us to move away from dominant thought patterns, it opens up new alternatives, it invites models to be disrupted, etc., and even makes it possible to find an ocean blue! And as everyone knows, who does not innovate dies. Hence the importance of creativity, in start-ups but also in any company that wishes to secure a medium-term future.

Critical Thinking

Being critical is being able to reason, whether inductive or deductive, in order to solve problems. In business, people who know how to use their knowledge and observations to logically consider possible solutions to a problem are valuable in business. If you have this quality, do not forget to mention it in your curriculum vitae.



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