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Roll up your tabs, close the fridge, chew on your duty sandwich. It’s time to learn good things. Get ready. Some tips for a novice copywriter may come as a surprise Copywriting for websites.

Copywriting for websites means creating unique, engaging, and readable content and promoting services and products. Writing texts is like building a whole world.

The user is faced with new opportunities, vivid impressions, fresh ideas.

  1. The school curriculum is not for sales

Forget what you were told in your Russian lessons. Starting a sentence with “I” or “But” is not only not prohibited, but in some cases, even encouraged.

An offer started with a union looks out of the box. This is an excellent way to grab the reader’s attention. The text seems shrill, more emotional, which allows you to convey important information to the target audience.

And, of course, do not overuse this technique. Everything in moderation is the key.

  1. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself

Imagine you want to write about something. But you are stopped by the thought that this has already been said a million times. This often happens; take it easy. There is nothing new at all.

You can still create relevant, fresh material for your audience and for your time. Use personal experience, stories (even fictional ones), insert quotes. And now there is an interesting and pleasant to read the text in front of you.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with referring somewhere in the text to previous authors who have revealed the topic raised in their own way.

  1. The magic number 3

The number 3 has magical properties. It is not for nothing that comes across at every step in fairy tales, religious texts, and fiction. Remember – Three heroes, Holy Trinity, Three comrades.

Number 3 creates a feeling of completeness, fullness of thought or phenomenon.

The top three have been used for a long time and with constant success in advertising texts. This can be several options for buying a product/service or a listing of benefits.

In any case, the number 3 in some strange way affects the subconscious. You don’t even need to try to understand the nature of this impact. Just use this technique in your copywriting for websites.

  1. Make a plan

And this advice to a novice copywriter coincides with what was taught at school. Before writing the text, it is better to make a plan. And the more details, the better. This helps you stay on top of your thoughts and makes the writing process much more manageable.

Moreover, if you are not writing your opus but a text to order. A plan drawn up in advance will allow you to clearly express the client’s idea in mind when containing the material.

As a result, the customer is satisfied, and you do not have to repeatedly correct what you have written.

  1. Use humor

Remember that humor – like music – unites people. This is a magical tool for forming a favorable opinion of yourself, among others. Do you feel what I’m headed at? That’s right – sympathy for the seller alone can induce a purchase.

But then again, don’t overdo it. Humour is like saffron seasoning, it is expensive, and it is added to the dish a little at a time. Otherwise, the taste will be spoiled. Yes, and don’t forget that they don’t buy from clowns.

  1. Copywriter, be human!

To write a text that you want to read, you have to be human. So do not be tactful, do not pile up complex sentences of 10 lines, do not try to fit in obscure words that no one will understand. Instead, be more straightforward, and people will be drawn to you.

Your task is to inform, convince, and make sales by copywriting for websites. Simple means understandable.

The main thing is not to be confused. You should be simple, not simpletons. Learn to describe how the Hadron Collider works in a way that a first-grader understands.

Copywriting for websites is like an art that deserves the touch of a professional’s hand



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