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Kodachadri is situated in Shimoga area and one of the most spoken-about trekking trails in Karnataka. Arranged in the core of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, the Kodachadri trek offers trekkers an undertaking, an appeal, and an encounter that will stay all through your lifetime. 

Kodachadri Trek takes you through an interesting town setting with paddy fields, thick woodlands, glorious meadows, and a cascade that will cause you to go powerless on your knees. 

The moving lavish prairies and slopes encompassing the pinnacle is an incredible sight. 

To add on to these encounters, you get the chance to visit a sanctuary accepted to be manufactured huge number of years prior which is loaded up with a rich history. Aside from the folklore, envision trekking to a spot that has stories from the seventh AD! This is where the celebrated logician, scholar, Adi Shankara visited and ruminated at the pinnacle. 

You don’t get treks that are loaded up with numerous accounts and history on the western ghats trek of Karnataka. 

With various ways to deal with the trek, anyone can proceed to do this trek all alone. It is a heaven for novices, transitional and experienced trekking fans. 

What To Watch Out For 

1. Perspective on Rolling Green Hills 

Kodachadri Trek is known for the scope of wonderful lavish green moving slopes. The slopes are shrouded in rich greenery and spread the extent that the eye can see. Arranged at a stature of 5,735 feet, the fields with the Shola backwoods rising are something you go on the trek of Kodachadri. 

The various conceals of green fluctuate from Parakeet green, Pine green, and Emerald green. Adding to the greenery, the show and theater of a blend of cloud and fog is an exciting encounter 

2. Cascades of Hidlumane 

A course or a progression of seven cascades is the thing that makes up the Hidlumane Waterfalls. The spouting falls that you see directly over your head, is a sight to ponder and something you don’t get the opportunity to encounter on different treks. 

The virus water rambling down is something you should take a dunk in or possibly have your feet inside these waters. 

3. Folklore, Legends and the Temple of Mookambika 

Aside from trekkers, you see different sightseers and travelers going to the pinnacle of Kodachadri. Worked out of stones, it is said that the Goddess Mookambika battled and executed the evil presence Mookasura. 

Arranged at the pinnacle, the sanctuary is frequently secured with fog and mist during the morning and evenings.The sanctuary is likewise devoted to Adi Shankara who visited the pinnacle, ruminated here at the head of Kodachadri during the seventh AD. 

4. Trekking in the thick Shola woods of Western Ghats 

The Kodachadri trek takes you through a portion of the thick Shola woods of the Western Ghats. A hair-raising encounter for any trekker who preferences trekking through the thick shelter and the correct presentation of trekking in a timberland. 

The Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary offers a wide assortment of vegetation to investigate. 

kodachadri Trek can be gotten to from three base towns. The trek should be possible either from Nittur or Kattinahole or even from the Vallur side. 

On the off chance that you are going in your own vehicle to the base, at that point start your trek from the town of Kattinahole side. You have the choice to join the path at Hidlumane falls or even take the jeep track right to the Kodachadri Top (a less energizing choice with a steady development of jeeps on the mud trail) 

Trekking from the Vallur side is similarly simple through the backwoods segment. However, a significant feature of the Hidlumane Falls is something you would pass up in the event that you trek on this path alone. 

Best Season To Do The Kodachadri Trek 

The best season for the Kodachadri trek is from september to april.Post storm or the winters are the best seasons to do the Kodachadri Trek. 

Post storm, you will observer the lavish greenery of the locale in its full wonder. The trek can be reached out till the pre-summer season when the most aspect of the trek has a blend of earthy colored and green. You will have much more clear perspectives contrasted with the storm season throughout the colder time of year season. 

The trek should be possible throughout the late spring season. The shadings will be a lot browner in the shade once you move from the woods area towards the fields. 

The area gets substantial precipitation during the storm season. In the event that you need to take this alternative, be ready for the test of trekking during the storm. Have the correct apparatuses and go with someone who has the experience of trekking, exploring. The trouble of the trek increments when you trek during the pinnacle of storm.



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