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YouTube clearly sits at top of the list of World’s greatest video platforms having an overall worth estimated round 300 billion USD and with an annual revenue of about 15 billion USD according to a report in May 2019. There are other video platforms also, like Bitchute&Bittube, but they are lagging far behind in terms of the internet traffic generated by them. There is absolutely no way, as of now, that any video platform can match YouTube’s rate of having over 500 hours of video uploads per minute; let alone matching its ergonomic user interface & coming up with a platform that could potentially provide a counter for everyone’s psyche of making a beeline for YouTube for every little thing like buy YouTube subscribers.

YouTube’s business model or for that matter the model of any video platform is based on the internet traffic generated through video contents and ads. A simple viewer is enticed & encouraged to subscribe a channel or more channels which are in line with his/her personal preferences. In this way the viewer not only adds to the overall traffic count but, meanwhile he/she can actually contribute to the platform’s and the Youtuber’s revenue by watching ads as well. We can get an idea of how much a YouTuber earns by looking atForbes’ estimate that Youtuber can very well earn around 5 USD per 1000 views with an additional 0.01 to 0.03 USD for a simple ad during the video. According to this, an average Youtuber can earn around 18 USD per 1000 video and ad views.

Nowadays, it is pretty common to think that YouTubers can easily buy subscribers and pay people off to subscribe to their YouTube channel or promote other third-party content/services or even cut out deals like “sub4sub”. This is happening in the world right now,and many content creators do buy YouTube subscribers and likes to promote their channels. These types of subscriber enhancement tactics could very easily result in the creation of one’s YouTube channel’s image and the number of real subscribers. By adopting this method, YouTube Channels surely havesignificantly increased the number of views. So, buying subscribers is an easyoption especially when a channel isn’t getting subscribers any other way,

There are many ways of engaging real subscribers in Youtube while staying well within the platform’s rules & on top of that those subscribers would willingly remain your subscribers without any incentive. Following are some ways of growing your channel:

  • Publishing longer videos
  • Using “Power playlists”
  • Urging users to subscribe to the channel
  • Attract people through subscriber magnets
  • Work on making an elegant & attractive channel icon
  • Promptly replying to every comment in the comments section
  • Quality should be the main focus, not quantity
  • An awesome channel description or tagline would work as well
  • Embedding channel videos in blogs

In some cases, these tricks don’t work so buy real YouTube subscribers and YouTube likes us an easy way out. So Many content creators buy likes and subscribers to kickstart their career which attracts other people to their channel. As a result, more people view their content and video and helps them in earning money.



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