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Whilst there are numerous techniques to remove your antique gadgets, it’s miles established that the notable choice is to promote your iPod or iPad online. you could additionally keep masses of time using ours without a problem to be had, provider.

Once in a while, the brick-and-mortar stores provide to buy vintage iPods, but, in truth, you may simplest exchange them for a gift card or every other tool.

We paintings tough to offer our customers with a fantastic revel in from start to finish. The most convenient area to promote your iPod is an internet shop like which continues the system speedy, clean and clever. Plus, we specialize in iPods, so we’ll pay you more money than a few different buyback keeps.

In case you are thinking about how quite a few iPods, iPads & Apple Watches promote, their easy-to-use appraisal provider can provide you with a world solution in a depend upon seconds.

You’ll robotically get an immediate coin to provide you can promote the machine to us for. Humans have numerous motives for promoting vintage iPods, iPads, or Apple Watches.

If you experience as if it’s time to get a brand new device, you can sell your vintage iPod now and revel in a brand new system simply multiple days later. In case you count on which you definitely don’t want an iPod anymore, the cash you get for selling it could visit better used.

The Primary iPod Touch Parts Components

USB electricity Adapter for iPhone and iPod


  • That is an Apple precise, MFi licensed adapter. Apple USB electricity adapter used for iPods and iPhones.
  • Lightning to USB Charging Cable
  • This is an MFi licensed cable.
  • Fee your lightning port-geared up portable Apple device through a USB AC strength Adapter or connect with distinctive gadgets.

Primary iPod Touch Parts (5th/6th Gen) Adhesive Strips


  • This adhesive film secures the shown assembly to the frame of your fifth or sixth-generation iPod touch.
  • whole your alternative of the front glass with a brand new adhesive. there may be no measuring, lowering, trimming, or shaping wanted with the ones custom-reduced adhesive strips.

iPod contact (6th Gen) Battery


  • This iPod contact (sixth Gen) opportunity battery is what you need to bring your useless iPod returned to your lifestyle!
  • Battery degradation is an inevitable part of your iPod’s lifespan — increase it with this new alternative battery properly suitable with the 6th-technology Primary iPod Touch Parts. if your iPod received’t switch on, received’t maintain a fee, or you truly experience terrible battery existence, this alternative battery can be what you want to restoration it.

iPod Contact


Update a dirty, corroded, or broken lightning connector, a torn flex cable, or a broken home button transfer in a 6th-generation iPod touch. changing this part calls for soldering.

Component assembly consists of

  • Flex Cable
  • Lightning Connector
  • Headphone Jack
  • Inner domestic Button transfer

iPad USB 10W AC Adapter


Replace a damaged or damaged AC adapter for your iPad with this part.

  • iPhone Earbuds & Microphone
  • includes earbuds and connected a ways-off and microphone.
  • allows use with the inline a long way-flung:
  • iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (later models require a 3.five mm audio jack adapter)
  • iPad (no longer all models assist volume up/down capabilities)
  • iPod conventional (2008 and later)
  • iPod nano (4th generation and later)
  • iPod Shuffle 4th generation
  • iPod touch (2d technology and later)
  • enables use without the inline far off:
  • Any device with a three. five mm audio out jack
  • I Keep EVO


Hold EVO because the first and most unique flexible liquid crystal display holder within the mobile telephone repair market. It makes use of the iPhone lightning port to attach the bendy silicone twine and preserve the LCD panel through the manner of the related clamp. clean to apply, easy to apply!

It virtually works from iPhone five to the 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c models, inclusive of the Plus variations. The vintage EVO lightning connector fits different transportable gadgets with a lightning connector socket.




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