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If you’re a man and you struggle buying gifts for women like your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother, then you are far from alone.

Every day, there are probably thousands of men stumbling aimlessly through the high street looking for a suitable gift for a female loved-one; a procedure which more often than not results in an unsuitable present being bought.

In spite of this, a lot of women would disagree that they are difficult to buy presents for. In actual fact, there are plenty of gifts which fail safes when Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. rolls around.

This article offers men some handy gifts which are likely to be a hit for most women regardless of their personal tastes or relationship to the person buying the gift.


Nearly all women are fans of jewellery. As the famous phrase goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and there is jewellery available to suit any sort of budget.

The key to buy jewelry online in the USA that a woman will love is to pay attention to what type of jewelry she normally wears. A woman won’t wear bangles unless she likes them; if a woman often wears clip-on earrings, it means that she probably likes them.

Earrings and necklaces are a pretty safe bet when it comes to buying gifts for women. Don’t buy jewellery you’ve never seen them wear. Clip-on earrings are probably not the best purchase for women who have pierced ears.

Those who have piercings in unusual places will probably like to receive something for that area as well – otherwise why would they have had it pierced? Belly button bars are a safe bet for those who have a belly piercing, for example.


Flowers are another gift which is hard to hate. Women love to receive flowers and you can get some astonishing arrangements sent from top-end florists. Asking what her favorite flowers are a while before you send them is a clever idea.

Arranging to get them delivered to her home or workplace can be a nice touch, providing they aren’t likely to be in a stressful situation at the time.


Perfume is another safe gift, which will be appreciated by nearly all women. A lot of perfumes come in pretty gift sets along with other smells that women can pamper themselves with.

Once again, taking an interest in her favorite type will pay dividends here. If you’re unsure, then buy a perfume released by one of her favorite celebrities.

Be Thoughtful

‘It’s the thought that counts’ is a phrase often uttered shortly after an awful gift has been revealed. However, those that show some thoughtfulness when choosing one of the items listed above will find that buying gifts for women suddenly becomes child’s play.

Happy Shopping!

Let us know about your views by commenting below if you find our guide about buying gifts for women helpful for you.



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