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How Do You Use an UV Sterilizer?

Once introduced, you need to keep up your aquarium sterilizer simply like some other bit of gear in your tank. This is easy to do and ought not take long.

Much the same as a channel, UV sterilizers are reliant on a siphon. Keep this clean so it doesn’t get impeded.

Cleaning the precious stone sleeve is likewise significant. The bright light will battle to enter any earth that develops, making the entire gadget considerably less proficient when it’s messy.

Occasionally you should change a few sections, for example, the bulb, when they terminate.

In the event that your sterilizer actually quits working, eliminate it from the aquarium and destroy it. You would then be able to check whether any segments are filthy or broken. On the off chance that you need to supplant a section, look on the web and in stores for a swap intended for your model.

The water changes become especially significant when utilizing UV sterilizers to dispose of green growth. The free-coasting is slaughtered off yet stays in the water, so it stays green. Water changes will eliminate the dead green growth.

There are an enormous number of highlights that go into UV sterilizers, which can make picking the correct one for your tank an extreme decision. In this part, we’ll cover the fundamental contrasts between UV sterilizers and clarify what highlights might be better for explicit aquariums.

Level 1 and 2 Sterilization

Not all UV sterilizers have similar capacity to eliminate microorganisms and infections.

Modest UV sterilizers are known as explaining sterilizers and are intended to execute green growth, however won’t do a lot to shield your fish from infection causing microbes and infections.

Level 1 UV sterilizers are fundamentally more impressive and are intended to murder most microorganisms and most infections. Most best uv sterilizer aquarium are Level 1 sterilizers since they work generally viably and run at high stream rates to clean your whole tank rapidly.

Level 2 UV sterilizers are the most impressive home-application UV sterilizers accessible. These sterilizers ordinarily work at lower stream rates than Level 1 sterilizers and have more thought UV light to eliminate hard to-murder infections just as multicellular parasites that could taint your fish.

Consider the size of your fish tank

This may appear to be somewhat self-evident, however I should state it. For an UV sterilizer to perform well you’d need to coordinate its capacity with your aquarium’s size. On the off chance that you get a more vulnerable unit, it will require much more opportunity to completely purify the water in your bigger tank. Makers know this, so they rate their items as indicated by how huge of an aquarium they should be utilized on. These appraisals don’t generally coordinate reality.

There are various proposals on this issue on the web, that enormously change. I read somewhere that you’d need a 25 W bulb for clearing up microalgae sprouts in a 55-gallon tank… That’s pointless excess. I can just accept these individuals have never utilized a 13W bulb on a 75-gallon tank.

In any case, in case you’re after pathogenic control in a 55-gallon aquarium (counteraction of Ich, Velvet, and so forth), at that point a 25 Watt bulb may bode well. Anyway, on the off chance that you get the correct Wattage on an UV sterilizer, you can anticipate that the unit should completely clear the aquarium’s water in under 4 days. Furthermore, that is in the most extreme cases.

Getting a more grounded UV light will net you quicker outcomes, yet you’ll pay more cash forthright. More vulnerable UV channels will simply take more time to clear up the water, to a point where it becomes insufficient on the grounds that the microorganisms increase quicker the light can deal with.

Therefore, I set up my own proposals for every aquarium size. Visit the connection and you’ll hop directly to that (underneath on this page). There, I talk about close to home insight and my work with customers. I’ve had the occasion to observe several aquariums and screen them over the long run, so there’s that.


The SunSun JUP-23 is a 13W UV sterilizer and is most appropriate for 75-150 gallon freshwater and saltwater tanks. At 13.5″ H x 3″ W and 2.5″ L this unit is simply somewhat bigger than the 9W one. The amazing 13W UV bulb will effectively kill any unsafe microorganism and free skimming green growth in practically no time.

Like the more modest unit, the JUP-23 is an attachment-and-play UV sterilizer. Just drop it in your tank and plug it in. The pull cups permit you to mount it on a level plane or vertically.

A few people have announced broken glass bulbs upon conveyance. The producer has begun pressing within these units with bubble wrap subsequently. Ensure you check the bulb and eliminate any air pocket wrap preceding establishment!

Another pleasant component of this unit is the movable stream spout, which the more modest unit doesn’t have. Like the 9W unit, substitution bulbs for this unit are genuinely cheap.



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