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The Kumara Parvatha in the Western Ghats is the second most elevated top in Coorg, Karnataka. A mainstream trek among learners and stars, the experience trail will take you through thick woods, enormous volcanic rocks, and wild vegetation. A few stretches of the path are very exhausting in any event, for the accomplished trekker, however the going with sees make it advantageous. This trek is fiercely well known among individuals of Bangalore and close by South Indian states. The trek is otherwise called Pushpagiri Trek. 

Best Time For Kumara Parvatha Trek 

October to January and June to September are acceptable months to trek to Kumara Parvatha. Summers are scorchingly unforgiving in the south, henceforth difficult to trek. Winters are very lovely in the region with thick fog and marvelous haze encompassing the backwoods and the path and furthermore Kumara Parvatha makes for a decent rainstorm trek. 

Instructions to Get There 

– Road: If you’re originating from Coorg, the most ideal alternative will be to take a taxi to Kukke Subramanya or Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. While originating from Bangalore, take a taxi or a transport. It takes around 2 to 3 hours from Coorg to arrive at the trek beginning stage at Kukke Temple and takes a short-term excursion to reach from Bangalore. 

– Flight: Mangalore air terminal is around 150 kilometers from trek point. 

– Rail: Mysore and Hassan railroad stations are the nearest to Kumara Parvatha. Attempt Hubli or Karwar Express or Bangalore-Mysore Express. 


Travel: A full circle in a taxi from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya costs around Rs 3600. A multi day full circle from Bangalore to Kukke in a self-drive vehicle costs around Rs. 8000 to Rs 9000. Transport toll from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya is Rs 100, while from Bangalore to the transport charge is Rs 600. 

Food: There is fundamental food accessible at Battere Mane (Bhatt’s House) for Rs. 150 and more. 

Convenience: There is an expense of Rs 200 to be paid at the Forest House for the time being enjoying nature at Battere Mane. 

Kumara Parvatha Trek Packages: Homestay bundles are bounty. They give genuine food and guided data for as low as Rs. 1300 for every individual. 

Spots To Stay 

There are numerous reasonable spending lodgings and homestays in Kukke Subramanya, as the spot is acclaimed with pioneers just as experience searchers. Stays start from Rs 800 to Rs 1500 every night. Attempt Shesha Kutir and Gahanashree Cottage. 

Wellbeing and Travel Tips 

– Carry bunches of water. Likewise, fill water at Battere Mane, no water will be accessible from that point. 

– Be cautious about bloodsuckers and Cobras all through the path. The trek is known to have reptiles in specific stretches. 

– Carry energy bar and pack some light tidbits. 

– Make sure you have an agreeable knapsack. 

– Drop off your overnight tents at Forest Reserve Park and pick them back up enroute. 

– Carry essential toiletries, shades, a coat if trekking in winter. 

– The path is difficult, you must be genuinely fit to complete it. 

– There will be latrine tents if the trek coordinator gives it, or, in all likelihood hope to calm yourself in nature. There are latrines in Battere Mane. 

– The difficult trek isn’t reasonable for the old or those with a heart condition, asthma or pulse. 

Last mile is the hardest one 

Generally strolling the last mile before arriving at your last objective is the hardest one. This was no exemption, It was foggy and breezy all through yet the second we arrived at Sheesh Parvatha (the primary pinnacle) it began coming down vigorously. Next stretch was through thick tropical jungle loaded with leeches. In any case, this was a delightful spot for watching nature, sound of water spouting through the impermanent streams, fog encompassing the thick timberlands, diverse living things growing even from dead and rotted. There were countless assortments of mushroom developing on rotted leaves and woods. Intriguing experience I should state! 

The Descend 

Coming to through the top was testing however I won’t state sliding down was any simpler. Obviously, it appeared to be simple at first since elation of accomplishing something like this washed down all the sleepiness. At the end of the day slide is the one which is all the more harming for your feet’s and knees without a doubt. The jolt on the knee each opportunity you descend is truly agonizing. At long last, before my feet surrendered, we made it back to the town. One thing which occurred while descending was, we experienced endless parasites that we lost the dread of them, and dint care much around a couple of adhering to us.



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