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Sikkim in Northeast India, bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal in the part of Himalayas. This place is the heaven for the trekkers and for exploring the rich culture of Sikkim. Sikkim offers you the picturesque valleys, expansive meadows, lush greenery and sparkling rivers which gives you the most unforgettable experience. There are many Trekking destination in Sikkim, some of them are:

1. Goecha La Trek:

Goecha La Trek in the Himalayas with an elevation of 4,940 meters bordered by Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. One of the most amazing destinations for trekkers in India with the wide variety of flora and fauna, beautiful valleys, dense forests, small streams, stunning picturesque allure the travellers with its majestic beauty. Goecha La Trek is undoubtedly an opportunity for all trekkers to hunt for daring activities to seek pleasure to watch these hilltops from the landscapes filled with dazzling flowers and topmost attractive meadows and forests. The ideal time to visit Goecha La Trek is from October to November since the sky will be completely clear during this time and the sunset, as well as sunrise views, would be perfect.
Moreover, under the glittery sky and shadow of moon you can also enjoy camp night which gives you immense pleasure. Each and every step of this trek is bestowed with stupendous views and makes it an awe-inspiring experience!

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

Kanchenjunga Base Camp is quite different from the other trekking destinations in Indian Himalayas. It is the highest mountain peak in the world with an evaluation of 8586 meters. It is referred to as the “Five treasures of the great snow”. The trek originates from Yuksom towards Balham, Dhongre, Laxmi Pokhara, Bihari Chaurikhang and Raton Glacier, and then finally ends at Balham. This region offers diversified vegetation as well as wildlife including snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Wild boar, musk deer and many others. The landscape, stunning view will make you feel happy. It is the third highest mountain peak in the world, giving you the chance to do the best adventure activities that will be in your heart forever and the exciting trail here is one of the foremost achievements you could get. This place is the heaven for the trekkers and for exploring the rich culture of Sikkim. Once you explore there, you will have exciting experiences which are beyond words.

3. Dzongri Trek:

Dongyi Trek in the North East region of India is one of the most exciting treks for the travelers. It is located at a high altitude of 4200 meters in Sikkim. The trek begins from the Khangchendzonga National Park in Yuksom. This trek takes you to have a look at some of the most amazing peaks like Kanchenjunga, Rating, Koktang, Narsingh. A paradise of beautiful waterfalls, exotic wildlife, fascinating sunset points attracts a lot of trekkers and gets them close to nature. The temperature of the region might go beyond the freezing point sometimes. This beautiful trek takes you through the thick pristine forest of Sikkim Himalayas and offers you to go to the highest point at Dzongri Top around 15000 ft from where one can explore the splendid beauty of Kanchenjunga National Park.
You will also have the chance to meet the local people here and get a chance to know about the culture of Northeast.
This place is truly a heaven for trekking , especially in monsoon. The dainty beauty makes this trek an exceptional gift of god.

4. Everest Base Camp:

Everest Base Camp is one of the dream destinations for the trekkers at a height of 18,513 ft in Nepal. It is covered with the snow-covered mountains, lush greenery, beautiful valleys with the vast blue sky in the backdrop. You will also experience a lot of snowfall while trekking. There is nothing that beats the excitement and thrill that holds the travellers on while ascending the Everest and watching it very close. Although this is a difficult trek, it takes you through the jaw dropping scenes of the region. After exploring there will be a sense of accomplishment. Everest Base Camp one of the most popular trekking destination is an adventure for the lifetime and something that you should experience at least once.
The journey of Everest Base Camp is very appealing and shall entice your heart and mind forever.



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