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Best online social media downloader tools

Details about Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube videos downloader tools

Video is one of the most popular sources used by the people. When there is a discussion about the multimedia then video is the source that comes first in our thought. Most people want videos to understand a topic better that can be related to education, cooking, or further appropriate things.

There are many social media platforms on internet but most heard about platforms are YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. On these platforms the videos are posted everyday that have different genres.

When it comes to searching and playing videos most people uses YouTube which is the mostly used video streaming platform. It may have the option to save videos offline but that videos don’t have high-quality and they needs to be updated. But YouTube doesn’t have the option to download videos to save them permanently in the device for playing them later.

Simultaneously, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram also don’t have the option to save the videos.

When you are browsing any of the social media platforms and found some interesting videos. As you will get to know that they don’t have the facility to download videos or other posts.

To make the downloading of social media videos possible you need downloader tools.

Make downloading of videos from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram easier by using following tools.

Best online social media downloader tools

1. FDownloader

FDownloader is a simple tool that can download videos from Facebook quickly and save them in the device. It supports downloading of videos with video resolutions such as 1080px, 2k, 4k and can also download mp3 with 320kbps quality.

It is a free facebook video downloader that can be used without signing up or installation.

For downloading videos from facebook, you have to copy the video link from facebook platform. Paste the copied video link in the input box of this tool and click green Download button. Then in a few seconds, the download will be started and the video will be saved in the device.

2. Twitter Video Download

Twitter video download is one of the best twitter video downloader tools for downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter platform. It can download twitter videos and GIFs in high-quality video resolutions as in the quality they were uploaded. You can use this downloader tool on any devices and browsers without registering, signing up or logging in.

It allows users to play the videos and GIFs before downloading. To download twitter videos and GIFs, copy the video address or GIF address from twitter then visit in the browser.

Now, paste the video address or GIF address in the input box and click or tap the download symbol button.

After that, twitter video will be loaded with download buttons of multiple video resolutions. You can also play the video or GIF in full screen. Click one of the Download button to download video in the quality you want and the download will be started. The video or GIF of twitter will be saved in your device.

3. Savemp4

Savemp4 is a free reddit video downloader that can download videos of reddit for watching offline. This tool makes downloading of reddit videos faster and easier.

Download reddit videos by copying the video URL from reddit and paste the video URL in the input box of this downloader. Click the GO button then click onn Download MP4 button.

It can be accessed on any devices and browsers and you can install it as an application.

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4. InstaPhotoDownloader

InstaPhotoDownloader is the best website tool that can download videos, photos, reels, and stories from the Instagram platform. Save your most favorite videos, photos, and more directly in your device.

Open instagram, go to your saved collection and copy the video post link or other post link that you want to download. Paste the video link in this downloader’s input box and click download button. Download will be started and saved in the device.

This website tool is available in multiple regional languages that makes it easy for the audience of different countries.

5. X2Download

X2Download is an online website tool that can be used to download YouTube videos in high-quality. It can download videos in 720px, 1080px, 1440px, 2160px, 4k, and 8k resolutions.

It allows users to search the videos by entering the video name or keywords. Visit YouTube to search for the videos that you want to download and copy the video link. Paste the video URL in this downloader and click Get link video to start the video processing.

After that, the video will be displayed with dropdown button to select video resolution and Get link button. When you made selection click Get link button then it will convert video and displays Download button. Click the Download button to download the video and the video will be saved in your device.

Overview of Blog

Preserve your most favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram easily by using above tools. The tools that have mentioned in this blog makes downloading of videos faster with a single click. In each tool, you have to follow same procedure of copying the video link from

the official social media platform. Pasting that link in the downloader tools and click the button of download.

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