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We all hear about microcurrent facials, microcurrent therapy and microcurrent facelifts a lot when discussing anti-ageing treatments. There are numerous best microcurrent machines for estheticians which are helping people to look younger and beautiful.

Microcurrent is quite trendy these and why it should not be? It is a simple and painless method and also provides a natural replacement to Botox and fillers. Now you can get a younger and bight looking face with fewer skin problems and a more charming appearance.

Whenever you are looking for facial treatments, there are many queries in mind – like how it actually works? What about safety of health, and what will be the procedure? Microcurrent facials are comparatively new yet trendy, and many people do not know about them.

Are you also looking forward to facial treatments do not know much about microcurrent facials? Nodding in yes, then worry not in this article; I’ll guide you all about microcurrent facial treatment. Also, I’ll elaborate on why the best microcurrent machines for estheticians are an excellent solution for anti-aging therapy.

What is a microcurrent facial?

It is not a facial for your face; it focuses on both muscles and skin. There are around forty-three facial and twenty-six muscles that lose their firm tone with time, speeding up the aging process. Microcurrent therapy utilizes electric currents and prepares the muscles. The facial contour firms, tones, and lift the skin and muscles. It also reduces or eliminates skin issues like acne scars, soggy eyes and black circles.

How does microcurrent facial works?

A microcurrent facial is possible only with a microcurrent machine. The machine uses low voltage electric waves. The waves imitate body current waves and encourage adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, leading to the stimulation of blood circulation and boost protein element structure.

Collagen and elastin are essential proteins that your skin necessary to structure and muscles. Moreover, painless treatment increases the cells and tissues repair. It also causes the release of chemicals that are useful for natural skin glow and enhancement. All the process eventually leads to the restoration of damaged skin tissues and produce collagen and boosted level.

For best results, you may need to go through more than one session.

Is it safe?

Microcurrent facial therapies are entirely safe. When you are using one of the best microcurrent machines for estheticians, there are no chances that you are getting any problem. But still, there are few things you should consider before going for microcurrent facial:

  • Microcurrent therapy generates low voltage current, so people with heart problems or pacemakers should first consult the doctor and dermatologists.
  • Although the current waves are safe, yet pregnant women should consult a doctor before going for treatment.
  • If you have some skin allergies or other skin issues, consult aestheticians or dermatologists.

Benefits of Microcurrent facial:

Microcurrent facial is beneficial for not only the face but also for your face muscles. It is better than any facelift treatment is because they all provide temporary solutions as they work on skin. On the other hand, microcurrent facial is more permanent as it penetrates to muscles. A few of the main benefits of facial are:

  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles smoothly. The facial muscles help us create facial expressions. They connect bones and skin to produce the expressions. When you are consistently going for microcurrent sessions – it will tighten the muscle and tighten the skin. The facial improve face and neck muscle tone.
  • After the first session, you will find immediate results on your face. You will have lesser lines on your skin.
  • Microcurrent facial help to clear and reduce many skin problems like minimizing acne. Your skin gets hydrated and clears the pores. The process oxygenates the skin ad create an unsustainable place for bacteria.
  • It increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen and elastic to make our face look firmer. When blood flow is healthy, it will become eventually nutrient cells and tissues. The process will remove carbon dioxide and other unnecessary skin waste.
  • It reduces sun damage by infusing hydration back to the skin. It is a natural procedure to make your face. The microcurrent facial helps the water-based serums to penetrate better than in your skin. With the help of these water-based serums, your face will eventually get treatment against sun damage.
  • Microcurrent facial works on facial muscles and skin.  Once you use microcurrent consistency, it will increase elastin and collagen. The process results in hydrating and stimulating skin energy. All these factors together provide you with smooth and healthy skin.


There are numerous anti-aging treatments; microcurrent facial is one of the painless and trendy methods. It works on skin and muscles all along, which make it unique from others. It will boost your face features naturally and make you look younger and glowing for a long time.



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