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Cosplay is not a thing of adults and grown-ups only. Kids have their right and share in the fun as well. The cosplay world community has a strong relation with anime and its characters. Anime has always been among the favourite parts of the kids’ lives and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It has never ignored little ones and their interests. In the same manner, the cosplay community has also included kids and children. There is countless best anime costume for kids to have fun with. Parents have plenty of options for their kids in the markets and some costumes may not cost much. Below are the top 10 best anime cosplay costumes for kids to enjoy all the cosplay events around the town.

1. Inuyasha from Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale

A hybrid offspring of a dog demon father and a human mother, Inuyasha possesses both human and beast-like traits. Inheriting demonic strength from his father, Inuyasha has incredible strength, speed, and reflexes which him a lethal warrior against all his enemies.

He has been and still is among the best and most favourite best anime characters of kids. His demonic strength and sane human-like characteristics are the most commendable parts of this series. Inuyasha is the most loyal protector of Kagome but has never killed any of his enemies while protecting her.

Inuyasha’s personality is an inspiration for all the kids. He teaches them the lesson of being strong and kind at the same time. It is not necessary to be insane if you’re the strongest of the lot. Inuyasha, in the process of protecting Kagome, teaches the kids that you should never hold back your strength when fighting for the right cause. At the same time he gives another valuable lesson that anger and revenge should never outweigh kindness and sanity. Children can learn from him that strongest people in the world are the most kind.
Inuyasha cosplay costume is a simple yet adorable one. It doesn’t require the beholder to have their hands busy all the time with many props or weapons. Both boys and girls can wear this costume and make the kids feel strong like the character. It’s also an attractive option for the parents as it doesn’t require to pay a huge amount for it.

2. Chun Li from Street Fighter series

Want your child to go in a mission to save humanity from all the evils around? Chun Li from the street fighter series is the one to go for. Born into a family of martial artists, Chun Li takes forward the tradition of her family of using martial arts to fight against evil in a cause to save humanity.
Little kids should be taught that humanity is the most valuable thing and that they must keep it close to their hearts. She’s a brilliant martial artist and uses her skills for greater good of humanity and this is what we all should follow. Children have a lesson to learn that they should always use their strengths in favour of humanity and human race. They should be taught that humanity should be their religion.

The costume includes qipao, a Chinese dress most suitable for female martial artists. Because Chun Li has strong and muscular thighs, she seldom wears pants to get excessive flexibility and freedom while fighting.

Although the costume is mostly recommended for children with long hair, hair extensions can also be used. It is also better if girls wear this costume because the character is also a female. Chun Li’s costume is not a simpler one, so it is suggested to the parents to buy it from the market instead of trying and prepare one at home.

3. Luffy from One Piece

An ambitious and optimistic captain, Luffy aims to be the King of the Pirates. His strengths are his ability to read people, creating strong bonds, a kind heart, and caring for people who are close to him and his heart. He would always risk his life to achieve his dream and to protect his crew. His loyalty as a captain has kept his crew as an unbreakable unit.
Luffy has a lesson for every kid that they should always dream big and work day and night to make their dream a reality. Dreaming big makes you do something big. One important thing should also be kept in mind that not every dream is achieved alone and there has to be a team of loyal friends, as Luffy had. This is a valuable lesson for the kids that they should make good friends and together they should all work to achieve a common goal.

Luffy is a captain, thus wears a red vest, a rugged denim shorts, and a straw hat. Kids with ambitions and big dreams are best suited to duplicate Luffy in cosplay events. The costume is one of the simplest and easiest to wear and carry.

All you need is a straw hat, a red vest or a sleeveless shirt, and denim shorts to complete a simple yet powerful costume. The scar beneath his left eye can be easily made with colour markers or makeup. There are no weapons or props to make the child uncomfortable. Kids would enjoy the freedom and comfort of the costume.

4. Ash Ketchum from Pokémon

Ash Ketchum is one of the most famous best anime characters. Every kid loves this young ambitious boy and they love his dream too. As is a Pokémon trainer, his dream is to become the greatest Pokémon Master in the world and bring out special Pokémon powers through specialized training.

Ash’s love for any Pokémon is beyond explanation. He would never hold back from helping a Pokémon who is trouble. The bond between Ash and his Pokémon made all kids fall in love with them.

There are many reasons for choosing Ash Ketchum’s costume for kids. It is understood that this costume would look cool on kids, but this is not the only reason for choosing it. Almost every one of us has pets at our homes and we take care of them. Ash teaches a valuable lesson to the kids about befriending and taking care of pets.

By dressing up as Ash, kids would learn to act like him and look after their pets as their friends. Our pets would also respond in the same way as Pokémon helped Ash become the world’s greatest Pokémon Master.
Ash’s costume is one of the coolest cosplay costumes. It is one of the simpler ones as well. It includes a blue jacket, a pair of jeans, and a Pokémon hat with a poké ball logo on it. Most parents would only have to buy the Pokémon hat. Probably, all of us already have a blue jacket and a pair of jeans for our kids. This would save money as well.

5. Son Gohan from Dragon Ball Z

Every other child is either a fan of or is familiar with the famous series Dragon Ball Z. In either case, Son Gohan is not a stranger to them. Fighter son of a fighter father, Gohan’s strength is no less than that of a superhuman. His strength and abilities were never hidden even when he was a child.

It is believed that Son Gohan didn’t have the same passion for fighting as his father possessed, but nothing could hold him back from protecting his loved ones and the planet Earth in Dragon Ball Z. A long time of his life was spent to protect Earth with Dragon Team on his side.

Planet earth and its environment needs protectors and little kids have critical roles to play in this noble cause. Son Gohan as their hero teaches them to use their strengths to help someone in need.

Earth needs urgent help in the contemporary time and Gohan teaches kids to realize the duty they have to fulfil. Gohan gives the kids a precious lesson on environmentalism.
Gohan would be the best choice for children who have a love for the planet and its environment.

His childhood costume can be the perfect choice for kids with shorter hair to make the cap sit perfectly on their heads. The costume also includes a long yellow top worn over a green shirt.

Props and weapons may include a stick or a cloud as Gohan loved to ride his father’s cloud when he was a child. Dragon ball with a star would also make a perfect match with the costume.

6. Dracula

All of us loved Dracula as kids and always wanted to bear his strengths and abilities. His costume could be termed as one of the biggest cosplay hits of all times. While vampires survive only by drinking blood, Dracula could live an immortal life without any blood. Indeed, vampires don’t discriminate any human when they need blood to drink, but Dracula is known to kill only bad humans.

His wife, Lisa, was the reason behind his sanity and why he was different from all other vampires. Lisa was probably the only human close to Dracula’s heart.
Dracula has he most valuable lesson for the kids and that is about love. It is clear from his story that love can change anything.

Vampires survive by drinking blood but Dracula wasn’t an ordinary vampire and that was because of the love his wife gave him. Her love made him survive without drinking blood.

Lisa was a human and Dracula never drank her blood. Every child should learn that love can change even blood drinking vampires into sane creatures who can love humans.

Like almost every other hero, Dracula also wears a cape with a bigger than normal collar which stands up behind his neck and head all the time.

You would want your child to act strong, immortal, invincible, and different from the rest of his/her creed. Dracula costume should be on your wish list in this case.

Along with the cape, this costume includes a red and black waistcoat with a white shirt. Vampire teeth would also prove to be the icing on the cake if your child could comfortably carry them.

7. Bungo Stray Dogs’ Detective Agency

Detectives play a vital role in solving criminal cases and protecting society from hidden criminals. Every other house has kids who wish to become detectives when they grow up. This passion makes them act like secret agents and detectives in their childhood. Detective Agency from Bungo Stray Dogs series plays the same role as fighting against earthly and even supernatural crimes.

Kids should learn from them to art of team work. They are a perfect example that teamwork can solve even the most complex problems. If they work as a unit they will never fail to solve problems.

These detectives are among the well-dressed characters of the best anime industry. They wear suits, jackets, skirts, and shoes which include signature detective dress. They look handsome, beautiful, and stylish all at the same time.

A group of kids would slay the costumes. They can all choose the character of their liking and set on a secret mission as a unit to leave the spectators in awe. Detectives are already known to secretly and silently stand out from the crowd.

8. ‘L’ and Light from Death Note series

‘L’ and Light from the Death Note series are both opposite but equally intelligent characters. They dress up different and have opposite personalities. While Light believes in purifying the earth by killing every criminal, ‘L’ believes in giving second chances as a way to purify the earth from crime.
Both the main characters of the series have different lessons to teach to the children but with adequate guidance form the parents. Light’s lesson is of cleansing the world which every kid should learn.

The problem is with the means Light uses. His method of doing the purification and cleansing nullify his ambitions. Meanwhile, ‘L’ teaches us the meaning of life and the importance of giving second chances to people. A second chance could sometimes prove to be equally effective in eradicating crime.

As mentioned earlier that both the characters have opposite personalities, the difference is clear from the way they dress-up. ‘L’ wears a loose, long-sleeved white sweatshirt with blue denim, and is almost always barefooted. Light appears to be conscious of his dressing.

His costume includes a brown pair of trousers and a white shirt beneath a light brown jacket. His red neck-tie and death, as a prop, are what completes his costumes and looks. Both these costumes are easy to find at home or market and don’t make the kids feel burdened under heavy outfits.

9. Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki is an adorable character who has a natural talent for magic. She aims to learn and master magic and witchcraft and leaves her home for that purpose. This shows her passion for leaning.

Learning is an unending process and goes on throughout the life of a person. Kiki leaving her home to learn magic and witchcraft is lesson for kids about passion for leaning. They should always seek something and have passion to get knowledge from everywhere.

This knowledge should then be used to help others and serve the people.

We’ve all probably tried to duplicate a witch in our childhood using a broomstick as our prop. Like all children, Kiki also uses her broomstick to fly around and deliver packages. Her costume is not a complicated one.

She wears a medium-sleeved dress all the time which appears to change colour at times. It has a dark colour which appears as indigo or violet. Kiki’ short hair is tied with a large amaranth bow. Little girls with short hair will not have to use wigs or extensions to look like Kiki. This adorable cosplay costume would be perfect for girls.

10. Pikachu from Pokémon series

Pikachu is one of the most famous and loved characters in the world best anime industry. There is not a single soul on earth who doesn’t find Pikachu adorable. It is an electric-type Pokémon able to absorb electricity and is the second most important character after Ash Ketchum.

Pikachu wasn’t just Ketchum’s pet but his best friend. He helped Ketchum, as best friend, to become the greatest Pokémon Master.
Kids should learn from Pikachu to help their friends to fulfil their dreams and play their in role in achieving big dreams.

We should all be always be a part of the struggle our friends make to fulfil their dreams and become what they wish to be. Kids should learn this lesson from Pikachu to struggle with their friends and own their success and victory.

The fact can’t be denied that Pikachu is probably the cutest and most adorable best anime characters of all time.

Kids would look as adorable as Pikachu itself in this simple yet mesmerizing costume. A cosplay costume can never be simpler. It is easily available in the market and is a one-piece costume that little kids would surely fall in love with.

It is also easy to wear and carry and there are no props to carry with it. If you want to save time and want your kid to look stunningly differently, Pikachu costume is all you need for cosplay.



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