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Ap.setup helps you to log in to your wifi-range extender with browser support. After unboxing your computer, make sure you have a working intern extender before we launch the ap.setup login. If this works for you, try in the address bar, which takes you to the setup tab as well. Now, let the setup begin.

AP.setup using a browser

  • Closer to the router, the extension plugin could be in the same room or 5-10 feet from the router.
  • Now connect your devices, such as your computer/phone, to the Extender wifi network.
  • Its a seen for 2.4GHz as a Wireless-it seen for 5GHz as Wireless-AC
  • To link to one of these WiFi networks, go to your wifi list.
  • When the AP setup wizard is attached, its appears for a automatically as soon as the window is opened.

Open the tab and enter if the setup wizard does not appear. In the top-of-the-screen address bar. Click on the setup tab to select how to set up the repeater. This will direct you to the login page for the Extender. For example, select an extension or entry point according to your preferences.

When the online setup is completed, you should unplug it and a place it at the location where you need the internet.

AP. setup via WPS

  • For this setup, you need to place the extender in the same space, so if it is farther apart, then the extender may not connect to the router, or else it will take longer than the scheduled setup period.
  • Find the WPS button on the repeater now, press and hold it for about 2 seconds and you can see a blinking light on it.
  • If the WPS is disabling on your router, click the available WPS buttons on your router, then login to your router. Go to wireless settings and then to WPS and enable the WPS from there first.
  • WPS lights will flash for around 10-15 seconds on both the extender and modules.
  • After a decent setup, the WPS light on the router will stop blinking and the Internet and WPS light on the repeater will become powerful.
  • Using ap.setup for setup if your extender doesn’t support WPS.

Not deserving of an ap. setup sign-in?

  • Ap.setup is an offline website that you will only be able to use while you are a connected to your extender/router/ap device. Then all you have to do is connect to the network and then if you have a repeater, router, outdoor connection point, etc, enter the login tab. That doesn’t matter.
  • You will do this on your phone/laptop by going to your wifi list and you will need to connect to the name of the respective device WiFi network that you want to extend. Now, if you are connected, open the browser as the same device and in the address bar type http://ap.setup, or you can even searching for a defaults IP addresses like Take the following troubleshooting steps if you still can’t log in to the ap setup list:
  • When attempting to connect to the setup page, make sure to enter http://ap.setup instead of just ap.setup.

Try changing the browser or installing it.

  • Until logging into the setup, make sure you at connected to the WiFi network device called Victony.
  • If the ap setup tab can not be reaching, reset this device. Instead of setting up the web browser, you can also try setting up the WPS by pressing the WPS button on the Extender ad within 2 minutes to force the WPS present on the computer you want to extend.
  • Unplug the extender or device that you’re attempting to set up for 60 seconds or so, then try the setup URL again.

Configuring the extension to wavlink via http://ap.setup or

  • We will ap.set up the wavlink extender using ap.setup by following the steps mentioned below. For Wav link, there is a specifically model that can be installing used this browser. 
  • There are some common models of the AC600, AC1200, Wavlink AC2100, ARIEL G AC1200, AC1200 WL-WN579X3, etc. Let’s go; starting with the processes:
  • First, attach your device to the power outlet near your extender and wait to stabilize the power LED. That implies that when the device is firm, we can start the setup.
  • Grab a phone/laptop, etc., and go to the WiFi list. You will see the network name there as or just as Wavlink Extender Add to it, as it is an open network, you will not need any password for the very first time.
  • Open any updated window (such as Google, Safari, Firefox), and in the address bar or URL, enter ap. setup or Based on the wavlink repeater model number, you can try these setup URLs. If the type does not function, log in to the setup tab of the wavlink extender.
  • Typing your user name and password, or both, when you are route for the login page. It can be typing in lowest cases.
  • On the setup interface, you need to select the network you want to extend and enter the password and click the next button.
  • Finally, after following the on-screen instructions, your machine will restart and you will be able to connect to the extended network shown as (SSID EXT) in the WiFi list. The password for this network would be identical to your router’s WiFi password.


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