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Tea tree oil is a wonder product if it is used in a right way. Using it in a right way is something always underrated by people. 

Tea Tree Oil aloe vera facial cleanser

Tea tree oil is a very mysterious thing when it comes to peoples’ understanding.

We live in a world where people believe myths earlier than the reality. And when the reality hits, then the real thing comes out. 

Tea tree oil is an extract of an Australian tree which is then used in many products.

We have seen tea tree oil toner, tea tree oil cleanser, acne treatment oil and many other beauty related products. 

Tea tree oil is basically a liquid which is the result of distillation of leaves of this tree. It is then packed in the bottles and sell in market.

Many people find it in glass bottles to prevent any leakage. It usually has the instructions of keeping it out of children’s’ reach on the bottle. 

Moreover, its benefits are as many as you can count. It is an herbal product which gives more service to skin than any other artificially made product. 

Why Tea Tree Oil is a Tough Choice to Make?

Tea tree oil is found to be a tough choice for people as they are more conscious now.

It can give unwanted results but only if it is used without knowing it. There are some of the issues people complain about when buying this oil.

  • People usually get this oil in small size which makes them think it to be expensive. 
  • Any bad experience with this oil can make the permanent image of it to be unhealthy product.
  • It reacts on sensitive skin, so people might get rashes or itchiness after using it on face.

Get to know a little about this oil. A few minutes of research will not hurt. And will get you rid of all these above-mentioned problems. 

As tea tree oil does not harm. It reacts if the skin is sensitive.

It is always to be applied on the hand or arm and let it be for a day. If it goes well, then it should be applied on the face.

 It is easy to apply. Its 2-3 drops for the whole face will do the thing. You do not have to wash the face after applying it. Let it dry out.

Tea Tree Oil as a Cleanser

A deep research on this product tells us that it is rich in anti-inflammatory benefits.

The anti-bacterial plus of this oil make it a must thing to have in the room. 

Skin not only needs the required moist and care but also need to be cleaned deeply. That is the point where we can count on tea tree oil. It kills the bacteria and make the skin fresh as new. 

A few things should be considered before using this oil

It should not be applied in raw form on sensitive skin. It can cause redness and allergy. 

For all types of skin, it should be mixed with any other cream and apply on face to get the same results.

As this oil is intense in its property, a few drops of it are enough for the skin. For instance, you can mix 5-10 drops of tea tree oil in cream and use it.

You should put it out of the reach of children as they can harm themselves in many ways.

Its intensity can cause the itchiness, swelling, and redness on their skin too.

It is to be used on the skin only. It must not be consumed at any cost. Consumption of it can cause many problems. It is dangerous to be taken inside the mouth. 

The cleanser made by mixing tea tree oil with aloe vera facial cleanser is the treat to skin.

It makes the aloe vera facial cleanser all in one product for women. The oil cleanses the skin and aloe vera facial cleanser maintains the smoothness and glam of the face. 



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